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How Kayvon Kay Co-Founded and Built a $10 Million Company



How Sales Expert Kayvon Kay Built A $10 Million Company

Kayvon Kay was that kid who had learning disorders and was told by everybody around him that he would not amount to much. For the first twenty years of his life, he was bullied, disrespected and continually rejected.

Until he discovered his gift. Selling

By the time he was31, he was making a six-figure income as the top sales rep for the largest pharmaceutical company in Canada. Like most successful entrepreneurs, he decided his life was going to mean more than a nice paycheck.

Today, he is the CEO of 7 Figure Closers, a top sales consulting service working with consultants, coaches and service providers to help them close their high ticket offers within one phone call. He has built a $10 million company and trained over 10,000 students in more than 100 countries.

In this interview, he shares the story of his humble beginnings.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background

I grew up in a small steel town in Canada, where everyone was a factory worker unless you were the town Doctor or the town Lawyer. I was labeled with learning conditions such as ADD and LLD. Instead of encouraging me to succeed, teachers gave up on me. I was bullied by everybody; the kids, their parents, and even the teachers.

When I was 19, I met with the Head of Special Resources at my university, who concluded that I was best suited for a simple factory job and that I wouldn’t make it in a professional career. I was starting to believe that I should just give up. What drove me to push forward was a near-death experience. It was a miracle I’d survived, and I took that as a sign that my life is worth fighting for.


Why did you decide to go into sales?

I had always gravitated towards sales because it was clear that I had a natural talent for it. My first job was as a salesman at my uncle’s furniture shop. Later, I worked with real estate agents and mortgage brokers, which further developed my skills.

My adult corporate career was working for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. There, I grew to be the #1 sales representative in Canada.

Being their top sales rep meant that at age 31, I was earning $200,000 – $250,000 per year working just one day every week. It sounds fantastic, but I was miserable. I wanted to be my own boss and build something on my own – something that I actually cared about.

I tried to keep my pharmaceutical job and simultaneously pursue other entrepreneurial endeavors, but having that six-figure income to fall back on resulted in a lack of self-motivation. If I was ever going to level up, I couldn’t be comfortable. I had to risk everything and go all in.

So, I did what most people would never do: I quit a six-figure job to pursue a challenging entrepreneurial path.


Tell us about what you do at 7 Figure Closers

My company provides expert sales training, coaching and consulting. We train the elite top closers through the sole proprietor “One Call Closer System”. My company is a fulfillment center because we turn salespeople into top high-earning closers.

My company is often hired to train sales teams of other firms. We improve their sales processes and help them become more profitable.

My business specializes in selling over the phone, and platform selling. Influencers and large companies contact me wanting to use my closers to sell their products and/or services, exceeding a sale price of $5,000. My company provides expert closers to close huge deals over the phone, with just one phone call.


Is there anything you would do differently if you could start over?

The number one thing I would do differently is more careful about who I trust. I like to believe that the world is full of good and honest people who help each other achieve their dreams, but it’s not uncommon to come across the opposite type of people. The best lessons come from life experience, I have experienced first-hand just how unsavory some people’s intentions are.

Even some of the mentors I looked up to stab me in the back. This was especially discouraging, as mentors are supposed to be trustworthy teachers who want to see you succeed as a result of their teachings. The cold truth I learned is that some mentors don’t want you to step into the spotlight because they’re intimidated by your potential. If you end up being mentored by someone who wants you to stay behind them in the business world, you may find out how far your mentor will go to keep you out of the spotlight.

Rely on yourself and avoid putting your livelihood in someone else’s hands.


You can connect with Kayvon on Instagram, or check out his website;

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