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How This Journalist Created A 6-Figure Coaching Business



How This Journalist Created A 6-Figure Coaching Business

CEO of Prospecting On Demand, Alex Schlinsky, knew he wanted to help contribute to the growth and success of others. With his company, he helps coaches, consultants, and agency owners implement the systems and strategies necessary to scale their company and become successful CEO’s. I was able to interview him and ask him how he was able to start his own business and help out others. Here is what he had to say.


What’s your backstory? 

Went to school to become a criminal psychologist. I was desensitized to the violence from watching years of Discovery ID, and I thought being a CP would be impactful. During my externship after graduating, I was quickly hit with a reality check: The world of criminal deviance isn’t pretty, it’s far too real, and crimes aren’t wrapped up neatly with a bow in 45 minutes.

I wasted 4 years of school to find out in 20 minutes this wasn’t the path or plan for me. I felt deflated, but I had to make ends meet. So I fell back upon my childhood dream: Working in sports.

I didn’t go to school to get a journalism degree, and I had no business writing for any major sports networks. Regardless, I emailed over 500 websites and was given a shot with FanSided (a Sports Illustrated affiliate).

I thought that was the hard part. I thought with the byline came credentials. I was wrong. I was on my own to get the lauded media pass from the Miami Dolphins. So I called every day for 2 months straight. Finally, my persistence paid off. I was a Miami Dolphins media member.

The excitement quickly faded over the next 6 months. Besides for the Dolphins being absolutely terrible, FanSided paid me next to nothing. I was barely making $500/mo, and I was writing nearly 6 articles every day about the NFL and MMA.

What I didn’t know was that my career in digital entrepreneurship had actually begun 5 years prior.

Right before I went off to college, I met my next-door neighbor, a personal injury attorney, at a BNI. Facebook had just come out with business pages and he wanted to pay me $1,000/mo to post for him every day. I was thrilled!

At UCF, I landed another 5-10 attorneys from referrals in order to make ends meet. During it all, I was still 100% focus on criminal psychology, and my “work” was nothing more than a side hustle.

Fast forward back to my media days after college. I was 8 months in, exhausted, underpaid, and overworked. I still had a few attorney clients, but no frame to what I was doing.

That’s when I met Cameron Gidari at a local MMA event in Hollywood. He was on a Twitter application I’d never seen prior (Tweetdeck), and we sparked a conversation. He told me he was the “Social Media Manager” for this company, and was being paid $1,500 month to tweet for them.

For the first time ever, my “side hustle” was given a framework. The epiphany that this could actually be a career was all I needed to dive in headfirst.

I started consuming all the content I could, invested in courses, and ultimately had my wife quit her job. We formally started Sky Social Media, went back to all of our previous attorneys, and within a few months, we were well over $10,000/mo.

We lost that all shortly thereafter do to crappy fulfillment, but that lesson brought me to white-label fulfillment companies. When I invested in working with ReachLocal, I was terrified but excited.

This was the company that ultimately allowed me to “Ziploc” Sky Social Media a year later, and begin creating Prospecting On Demand™ soon thereafter.


How will you continue to grow and succeed?

My goal is to impact 1000 digital entrepreneurs by the end of 2019, helping them add on at least $10,000 in revenue to their bottom line while freeing up at a minimum of 10 hours per week.

I plan to do this through Prospecting On Demand™ ELITE (my mentorship program), and Prospecting In A Box (SaaS).

As we hit those milestones, I also plan on speaking as much as possible; At high schools, universities, and events. Giving a TED Talk is definitely an aspiration I have. When I’m on stage, I truly feel in my element. I believe it’s where I can make the biggest impact.


Are there any major sacrifices that you have had to make in order to move forward?

Beyond my sanity? Absolutely!

In fairness, I’ve been incredibly blessed with unbelievable support from my friends and family, but frankly, being an entrepreneur in its own right is a sacrifice. The sacrifice of your time and mental energy.

Having a job could have provided more security and likely less anxiety, but I’m always willing to bet on myself. Period.

I write about interesting entrepreneurs and how they make money and help others.