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How To Be An Influencer For Dummies: @BoxBoy



Harrison Wain, who you might know better as “BoxBoy” is a 19-year-old social media influencer from Sydney, Australia. Harrison lived in Sydney for the first 18 years of his life and then moved to the United States in Los Angeles, California, and that’s where he started getting traction on his social media profiles. When he moved to Los Angeles at 18 years old he had about 35,000 followers, fast forward a year later he now has over 2 million followers on Instagram and almost 300,000 subscribers on Youtube. I had the chance to chat with Harrison recently where we were able to put together a crash course, teaching someone how to follow in his footsteps and create the same social media following as him, obviously nothing is guaranteed and his results aren’t typical so were not claiming that if you follow these guidelines you’ll get rich and famous overnight, but it could definitely help. We decided to call this “How To Be An Influencer For Dummies”. 


So Harrison, what advice do you have for those that want to be an “influencer”?

Harrison Wain/ BoxBoy: “Well, everyone wants to be an influencer in this day and age. There are so many responsibilities that go into being an influencer that most people don’t think about. When it comes to being an influencer it doesn’t always come with a clear and concise job description or someone who just tells you everything to do and helps you in your times of trouble or confusion, but nonetheless, influencers still exist and despite what some people may think we all do need a little guidance sometimes. So there are a lot of things I wish I knew when I first started out on my influencer journey. Just a year ago I was basically couch surfing between influencer friends houses because I couldn’t even afford to pay rent for my own place. Finally, after a lot of work, I was able to pay for a first few months rent in my own place, but only after I was able to get a few brand deals. So I’d say that in the beginning, it can be tough, but stick to your dreams because they could end up being the best in your life.”


What are some other things that you wish you knew starting out?

Harrison Wain/ BoxBoy: “I wish someone had told me that just because you have a large social media following doesn’t mean that you “made it” or even are making a lot of money. I’ve seen people with 2 or 3 times the following that I have gone bankrupt in as little as 6 months, you can fall just as fast as you can grow, sometimes faster. If you don’t manage what you have correctly, it can be even worse than getting fired from a 9-5 job because losing your social media influence is like losing your entire livelihood.  The key is finding a good way to monetize your following, even with a high following so many people have so much difficulty finding a way to monetize the people consuming their content.”


So how were you able to get where you are today?

Harrison Wain/ BoxBoy: “Well again, there’s so much that goes into that but it all started by producing content that people actually wanted to look at, it all begins and ends with the content, if you don’t have good stuff then you don’t have anything. I had somewhat of a disadvantage starting out being in a new country and all, but I give all the credit to good content and having a great team: Minh Jeffrey Lê and Jessica Aguilar. We have the best team and together there is always a consistent stream of deals in the pipeline, not only are they helping with deals but also helping with the creative scope, editing, implementing content ideas, etc.”


So how are you able to get these “deals”?

Harrison Wain/ BoxBoy: “Well I had to have a decent following to get the deals to begin with, and like I said that all came from good content, and with the good content, I was able to network with larger pages when I was coming up getting shoutouts and stuff, which helped really boost my following. After you’ve got the following getting the deals is easy. A typical brand deal can happen in a period of a few minutes or a few months, it all depends, but in that short amount of time, you can make a decent payday, while also helping that brand make a decent payday. We get the deals by reaching out to brands arranging a deal where we’ll promote their product for a fee or revenue share or both; and other times certain brands will reach out to me or my team and then well work out a deal doing the same thing, promoting their products in exchange for some type of benefit. Everybody wins. So, in culmination, it starts with good content, then you grow your page by putting out the content, networking with other influencers to grow your page, even more, then you can start talking with brands and getting deals in the pipeline, and viola! You are now a social media influencer, writing your own paycheck while having a lot of fun doing it. It all sounds pretty simple but most things are easier said than done, just remember what I said in the beginning, choosing to follow and achieve your dreams could end up being one of the best decisions that you’ve ever made in your life.”

So, in conclusion, there are just a few simple steps when it comes to “How To Be An Influencer”

Step 1:

Start creating good content, if you don’t have good content you don’t have anything.

Step 2:

Start networking with pages of the same size and that are larger, especially the larger pages, then work out some type of value exchange with them where they can shout you out on their page. This will help you increase your following.

Step 3:

Start reaching out to brands and product pages that you can promote to help them get more sales, as you’re helping them sell more products and drive revenue, they will compensate you, and that is how you monetize your following.