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How To Create A Valuable Brand With Brock Rice



How To Create A Valuable Brand With Brock Rice

Recently, I sat down with Brock Rice, Founder of World Class Media. Brock is a branding expert and one of the Northwest Top Social Services Providers. I asked him what it takes to build a popular and effective brand in 2019.


⁃ What is World Class Media?

Brock Rice: World Class Media is Social Service and Digital Media Agency that focuses on brand building. Our focus is to deliver real value to our clients through custom influencer campaigns, digital marketing strategies, and effective social brand building. We deliver on each of the pillars of social success. Content, Distribution, Traffic, Engagement, and Brand. These are the pillars that I believe define the success of a company or individual’s brand in this social ecosystem.


⁃ What made you choose social space?

Brock Rice: The current social space is the most populated marketplace in the world. I just read an article that said, most people on average visit each of their social media platforms more than 16 times every day. It said over 95% of the marketplace is active on 2 or 3 social platforms. In my mind, it sounds relatively smart, (or maybe it just validates that you’re aware) if you realize that you need to market in the social world. And a lot of people don’t know how to do that, and I do. In 2018 I discovered that I really enjoyed helping and building small businesses. Over the course of the next year and in building a few brands, I learned that I was pretty advanced in what I knew about how to effectively build a brand, and leverage a niche’, and market to help a business. After I built that foundation I began designing custom local influencer campaigns for companies and their social brands. This began what has become World Class Media. Which is also the social service provider for my other brand World Class Dropouts. To answer your question, I just tried a ton of stuff when I first got into the entrepreneurial world. I wanted to find what I loved so I would be motivated to help people. If you can help people, you’ll make a lot of money!


⁃ What are the critical errors you see other agencies making?

First of all, It is so sad how many people are okay scamming people. There’s no way around it. If people are not providing real value, they are scamming you. I hate this because everyone thinks “Running a businesses social media is going to be easy and make them money.” If you’re doing it right, It shouldn’t be that easy. You are working for this business. Automation aside, you need to have everything built out to provide value. So with that being said, I will say this. In my opinion, believe a social media agency should either have or provide quality content. If there’s nothing valuable to post, you can’t provide value. ( We are not talking an advertisement agency) Step one is having quality content. Content is key! Step two is distribution. You have to have the right systems built out that operate around your optimal posting periods. These times, locations, tags, and targets will all play a factor in the engagement, likes, and traffic ROI with each post. Good agencies need to focus on traffic generation. Distributing content on organically populated platforms, and stuff like that in addition to distributing in your niche’ is the key to organic growth. Engagement is another major focal point in providing full value. Don’t forget, these platforms are in algorithms. We have to play their game to win. And lastly is delivering and developing real branding. This means developing a plan to help a business or person understand their niche’ in the current social space. Is someone going to be an entertainer? Is the brand going to focus on value, stunts, products, services? These are conversations that help get you clarity on the audience you need to build. Building a valuable brand comes down to aesthetics of color scheme, logo usage, landscape layout, and all the features that appeal to the specific target market. Point being that agencies need to deliver in a lot of areas to provide real value for a business. If those bases aren’t covered, mistakes are being made.


⁃ What’s your best tip on building good social media?

Content. Period. You need to be posting as much content as possible.


⁃ What’s the number one thing every brand should do in 2019?

Break down how your brand is going to convert to your business. If you don’t have anything to sell, quit with the brand. That’s a fool’s game.


⁃ What are your future plans for World Class Media?

We will soon be making the transition away from small businesses and begin working with large business that deals with six and seven figure accounts. I want to become an industry leading social service provider that delivers real value. I think so many businesses can excel with just some simple foundation in the social space. It’s time people realize how necessary it is to make your brand a viable asset to your business. I want people to understand that the point in building a following is to be able to market to thousands by simply posting on social media. The point of investing in your brand is to generate brand awareness that impacts your target demographics. The goal of a brand is to support and propel your business in its sales and impact. Don’t lose sight of the intention that needs to be set when building a and. It’s a major key. That’s my 2 cents.