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Atto Abbas
The hardest truth about social media is that no matter how popular you become if you stop posting and engaging you’ll be forgotten in no time.

Born in Nigeria Atto Abbas is a football player and influencing public figure,  who always travel once in a 4 month. He entered in this field with the courage to do something through outside social media. So, he started and dedicated his all struggle in football with his steady inclination towards setting up his own goals. He said, “Sometime when I am free I used to play video games which makes me fresh.”

He wants to run a marketing firm that provides advertisements, social media marketing services to the clients. It also provides logo design services, website development, and maintenance, training and consulting.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your best advice. First things first, though, I am sure readers would love to learn more about you. How did you get here?

Atto: Absolutely. Thanks for taking the time to interview me. I’m a 21-year-old footballer from Turkey.

In your experience, what are the key pitfalls to succeeding in media and how can you overcome them?

Atto: The key to social media success lies in determining what you want to achieve for your business or your goal. You also have to make sure that your goal syncs in with your marketing strategy. In achieving social media success, you have to consider a number of things, such as your website traffic, increasing your sales, improving your customer engagement and many more. Consistency is key. Post regularly and engage your followers by replying to their comments. Make your posts entertaining and educational. Once you’ve determined those things, you are on your way to attaining your success

What are your three best tips when it comes to social media growth?

Atto: Content marketing is surely capturing a lot of attention. Today’s digital marketing environment facilitates a lot of channels of distribution that allow specific content to reach specific readers.

1. Ask yourself this Before you start. Why should someone follow you or your brand on Social media? Define the purpose.

2. Don’t compromise on great photos and videos. Creativity inspires people on social media. It helps you define your class.

3. You sell What you show. So, show things in style. Invest in great product Photography

What do you believe is the hardest step in the growth process and how can it best be navigated?

Atto: Let’s just admit it. We all say we don’t care about the number of followers we have on social networks, but we all do. If you’re a mature digital marketer, you know that follower count isn’t any guarantee of the value of a social media account. But at the same time, you also know having a lot of followers is far from worthless. Like it or not, people do look at your follower numbers, which affects their decision to follow you. In addition, the more followers you have, the larger the potential reach and influence you have (provided those followers are real and relevant to your business). I’ve noticed that when I post something that gets widely reshared, I almost always gain new followers. So I’ve paid careful attention over the years to the kinds of social media posts that get those shares. The hardest truth about social media is that no matter how popular you become if you stop posting and engaging you’ll be forgotten in no time. You’ve got to maintain a regular presence, but you also don’t want to overdo it.

What are your best tips for improving your close rate?

Atto: Have a consistent process to plan to win big specially in my career football There is no one big thing, but discipline on the whole picture is the key. Focus on the right audience. Know their thinking process. Know the value case to win. Anticipate their objections. Make your value case exceptionally strong. Take coordinated, specific actions to set yourself apart and outsmart the competition.

On a scale of 1-10, how important are ethics to succeeding in growth? Explain.

Atto: Growing Yourself or brand is based on trust. If you don’t build trust between your audience and the audience will never going to trust in you

What is one thing everyone can do tomorrow to become better at marketing?

Atto: Good news, you don’t have to be tech-savvy or entrepreneur to be able to pull this off, but you just need to master the simple trend in the market and know what works for you and that’s is all. What helps, however, is to stay up-to-date and learn constantly. It’s mostly because social media change a lot, and you never know when your content stops resonating with the target audience. You will be needing to read more, invest more time into social media marketing and watch everything else fall into place. You have to take action, test out different approaches, and be willing to try new things. Starting this is the most important step.