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Interview with Andrea Tankovitz Founder of a Fashion Company TANKOVITZ



Andrea Tankovitz

Have you ever watched a music video and wondered wow… these outfits are insane! Well, meet Andrea Tankovitz, founder of her brand TANKOVITZ and the mastermind behind the outfits of some of the world’s biggest stars.

Andrea thanks so much for joining us, Why music videos? What was it about designing outfits for music videos that made it become such a focus for you?

It wasn’t something I picked, it just happened.

Now it’s a definite passion of mine, creating a concept look, from the artist to the extras, it’s like I never stopped playing dress-up, only added music and my imagination being plastered on tv lol

Building a brand from the ground up is an extremely hard task, what are some of the biggest challenges you faced when starting TANKOVITZ?

In the beginning, all you need is your vision, just start where you are at with what you have. The real challenge definitely comes later, coming with ways to finance the ideas.

What has been the biggest highlight of your career to date?

I was interviewed on camera for the LATIN BILLBOARD AWARDS, They made a commercial sponsored by FORD FUSION leading up the day of the AWARDS with snippets of my interview and sewing a dress.

The commercials and interview were presented on TELEMUNDO all over Latin America, the interview was showcased as part of the LATIN BILLBOARD AWARDS program, everyone including the entire artist at the awards saw it, it opened up all the doors for me and I was presented as an artist, it has been the biggest honor until today.

Has the Covid 19 pandemic changed things at work for you?

Not really, pregnancy did, I started working from home while I was pregnant, with the exception of music videos, I would go super pregnant and enjoy it so much, but the rest of my time would be home.

I have a loft which I turned to my workspace, so I was basically quarantined for 9 months before the pandemic started.

What is a piece of advice that you would send to our readers regarding success?

Learn! I’ve been taking hundreds of classes over the last few years, so I’m not over-exaggerated. Every single course I learned improved my business-give me something to do, something to break the exam, something to change. Awareness is the secret to success here. If you can accurately apply the techniques that a good entrepreneur teaches, you can thrive.

 If you could make a difference, should you and why?

I wouldn’t change something and I’m very proud of the accomplishments I’ve been able to accomplish since I graduated from high school. Not every successful entrepreneur may claim that at the age of 18 they were a millionaire. I’ve had incredible experiences over the last couple of years to visit all the ends of the world with my friends and family while staying in the most beautiful aerobics and hotels-inspiring my students and followers that anything is possible! I just followed the money and stayed in line with my strategies, and I really honed on a 1 business model instead of having a shiny object syndrome and constantly trying something out.

What inspired TANKOVITZ? & were you always heavily into fashion?

Honestly? Pride, Thrive, Independence, Ego. I always wanted to have my own business, be my own boss, and have my last name everywhere, I’m proud of it and my heritage. I was heavily into fashion ever since I was 14, I would create my own clothes, bathing suits, etc., I always wanted to wear something that didn’t exactly exist, it was my favourite hobby. I didn’t always know I wanted my business to be fashion though, I didn’t know I could make money with it until college. I was studying and preparing to eventually go into the hotel business with a major in psychology and a friend asked me one day to make a dress for her because she had a wedding to attend and she had seen my designs, so I did, the word spread, I started making money and I realized I could make my hobby into a business. Dropped out of psychology and studied Fashion Design, business, and marketing of fashion for 5 years

You mention your heritage, what is it?

Austrian, my dad, and family are from Vienna.

Where can our readers follow you online?

instagram :@tankovitz &

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