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Jon Espersen – The eCommerce Entrepreneur



Jon Espersen

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jon Espersen. Jon is an eCommerce Entrepreneur, and in a very short time has achieved massive success. We talk about how he got started, tips for success, and much more. 


Hey, Jon who are you and what do you do?

Jon: I am a 21-year-old entrepreneur from Minnesota. I primarily do e-commerce with Shopify dropshipping and own multiple online brands. 


How did you get started?

Jon: I have always had the entrepreneur blood in me. I got started with e-commerce when I was very young with selling things on eBay. Every since I have just been looking for ways to leverage my time and make money online. My main goal has always been to have freedom so when I came across dropshipping 2 years ago I knew that it was the business I wanted to get into.


Why did you choose E-Commerce?

Jon: Building brands from the ground up and watching them grow is one of the most exciting things. E-com also allows me to be making money 24/7 without actually “working”. I also love marketing and psychology and testing out new angles, ad copy/ creatives, and overall strategies.


Who has been an impactful part of your journey?

Jon: The people who have had the most impact with me are people that are unaware they even helped. At a young age, I realized how pointless it was to act like I knew everything so I always had a ton of humility when it came to listening to people who were in a place I wanted to at. I spent countless hours reading and listening to youtube videos from some of the best business minds and self-development coaches out there. That for me is what kickstarted everything because without putting the time in to break those boxes society/ the school system puts you in it’s pretty hard to do anything remarkable.


How have you leveraged personal branding?

Jon: Personal branding is a huge part of my success. I would recommend anyone starting out to put effort into growing their brand. There is the flip side to it though, you can’t grow your brand and just expect yourself to start seeing results in your business. There has to be action taken place behind the scenes. Build something or do something that puts you in a place of value and just watch how many connections you will make and how much impact you can make in other people’s lives by helping them.


What are your future plans? 

Jon: Looking into the future I plan to focus on growing my current brands while starting new ones. Traveling the world. Helping and coaching others achieve success in their own life and business.