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Keishorne Scott Discusses His Life as an Author



Keishorne Scott


Keishorne Scott is both a writer and a coach who is on a path to share the story of his transformation with the world through his work. With his writing and his coaching, he helps many individuals realize what they are truly worth. After experiencing a life-altering heartbreak, Scott was able to find the light at the end of his tunnel. He found his career in the pain, he found his wife and ultimately, his daughter. In this piece, Scott talks to us about his life as a writer and how he turned a painful experience into an opportunity to grow.

About L.I.F.E

His book L.I.F.E is an acronym for Love, Insecurities, Friends, and Envy. It addresses the things that are standing in your way of becoming the person that you want to become. In this book, Keishorne Scott shares his journey to overcoming self-sabotage and low self-esteem – the two things that came about as a result of his struggle with love, insecurity, friends, and envy.

The Mouse, The Bird, The Dog, and The Lion: 3 Men to Avoid and 1 to Marry

The purpose of this book is to prevent his daughter and any other woman out there from making any choices that would lead to them experiencing the heartbreak that he did. It took years of struggle after the end of his relationship to realize the kind of man he wanted to be for his wife and his daughter, the book is for women as men try to figure out how to be worthy of their love.

Writing as a therapy

Scott believes that writing saved him. It helped pick up the pieces that were left of his broken heart. The heartbreak, grief, and depression that came after swallowed him at times and made him feel small, but writing, it became a concrete step he could take that gave him the will to get out of bed in the mornings, a reminder of all he is worth. Being able to write his story was his healing.

Other Unique Talents

Keishorne Scott, after the birth of his daughter, realized that he had a number of hidden talents. It was not until his daughter was born, that Scott found out how good he was at picking out outfits that match, painting nails, along with choosing the right accessories. Scott admits that these are gifts that he would not have found if he did not go through his heartbreak and that these gifts serve as a constant reminder of how much he has grown and how he is now able to contribute to the world through the relationships he builds with other people.

To be successful

Like many people in the world today, Scott had one definition of success. He used to think of success as having everything right, the right job, car, house, relationship. After a period of reflection, and thinking hard about the kind of person he wanted to be he realized that he did not want right but he wanted something that would be real. To be successful, Scott advises that you focus on building real, authentic relationships with the people that build you up. These are the relationships that sustain you and lead too you finding you your purposes and path in life. He believes that success is not about material things but it is about the relationships we create and whether or not these relationships celebrate our success. 

Addressing COVID-19

It is of a fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has created a lack of balance in the lives of many people. Many families have been affected financially, emotionally, and even mentally. There are many people who have been struggling since it all started and these people continue to struggle even as you are reading this. Scott’s advice is that you allow yourself to feel whatever needs to be felt. The last thing you should do is deprive yourself of your right to feel. See this as a time to focus on yourself and your emotions. Know that your grief deserves to be felt and acknowledged. Doing this will allow room for healing and forgiveness for you. It is a step that is definitely worth taking as it would truly help you in the long run.

I am a content creator with a lot of passion for my work. I have been writing since the age of six so it is safe to say that it is my second nature. Writing is art and like all things art, it is very liberating. I would love to say I have a hobby that does not include the creative process but I don't. Relatively introverted. Total foodie. Addicted to YouTube.