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Kevin Sacchi: An interview with an astonishing “INKFLUENCER”.



When it comes to those who have attained a lot at a very young age than among some prominent personalities Kevin Sacchi comes at the top. usually, folks study and do other stuff but he chose to segregate himself from the crowd. Be it his chore or his passionate attitude towards the entrepreneurial realm is unbeatable. Here we had an amazing interview with him, so let’s check out what all he has to say!

1. What work you do?

I am an Italian Showman and Celebrity. I acknowledged as one of the most important SocialMedia Managers in Italy, currently, I am managing several companies, brands, shops, restaurants and private individuals, such as public figures or artists, etc.

2. How did you get started with your work?

As a teenager, I was bullied and to get the ransom I started doing martial arts eventually becoming a stuntman for several films, I also became passionate about the world of entertainment with time and by God’s grace I had the advantage of my degree or diploma in computer science which made my way on social networks easy and made the mechanisms better at a technical level, now recognized as a public figure, I am the first “INKFLUENCER” in the world.

3. What made you get yourself recognized as an “INKFLUENCER”?

I am the first Inkfluencer, which is a parallel figure to the influencer inspired by the world of tattoos. Many VIPs like Michelle Hunziker, J-Ax, Marracash, Nek, Max Pezzali, Le Donatella wore the INKFLUENCER brand because they were struck by the fact that tattooing is now part of our society and our being, our being is therefore present on the skin, it is right to rely on competent tattooists, for this reason, that they have decided to feel INKFLUENCER.”

4. How you think you stand out of others, whats that skill or quality segregate you from the crowd?


I do all my work with perfection because that what matters a lot. I do limited work but whatever Ido I try to mold it into perfection.

5. What are your achievements and what benchmarks have you set in this field till now?

I have appeared on several international sites such as FamousBirthday, IMDb, imposing magazines such as WEBSTARS MAGAZINE (Panini publishing house), radio important, international Apps such as (Akin‐ator) and on tv on sky 124 in the series ‘Impractical Jokers’, I have participated in several important events, some with boys from the famous program ‘Il Collegio’ and others like Radio Bruno EstateCesenatico with over 40,000 spectators and live TV.

I am the Official creator of the international platform TRILLER (Music Video App) of 60 million users which is among the first in the world rankings with the creator of the caliber of (DJ Khaled, Tyga, Jake Paul, Post Malone, LeaeLui, Lil Pump, etc.), Triller named me the Italian Ambassador of the platform. In fashion, I was recognized and verified on 21.buttons (Fashion / Fashion App) where I have almost 300,000 followers, during my career I have participated in several fashion shows as an alternative model also with Stylists of the caliber of Riccardo Aldighieri and have received several collaborations important with well-known brands such as Rolex, Nike, Adidas, Supreme, etc.



6. How do you think people are getting influenced by your unique career and success in a very distinct field?

Currently, with all my social platforms I am ultimately heading towards 1 million fans who actively follow me every day. And this makes me believe that I am inkfluencing people in the way I always desired to.

7. How you think you stand out of others, whats that skill or quality segregate you from the crowd?

I do all my work with perfection because that what matters a lot. I do limited work but whatever I do I try to mold it into perfection.

8. What are your future plans?

My future plans are to continuously give my best assistance to my work and passion so that I can build trust all over the world which will surely help me out in the expansion of my work.


Last but not least we asked him about the message that he wants to convey his reply is one of the best as it defines his passionate and confident attitude towards his chore. He said, “Just work hard, do not copy others and most importantly do something extraordinary or unique so that others parody you”

Well, that was a great experience interviewing this young lad with confidence and zeal in his heart to do something great and that’s what makes him one of the admirable persona of the generation. We wish him all the best for his future opportunities.