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Malaysian Model Siew Pui Yi Reveals The Important Lesson She Has Learnt During The Coronavirus Crisis



Siew Pui Yi

The entertainment industry across the globe is majorly impacted due to the coronavirus pandemic. As an artist or a creative person who belongs to the field of entertainment, being on the set or on the field is very important. However, the growing crisis of COVID-19 has forced everyone to stay at home which has put every work on hold. The industry not just comprises of artists, actors, models, or influencers, but many works behind the camera including directors, photographers, cinematographers among others who are currently in the lockdown.

Malaysia’s renowned influencer and model, Siew Pui Yi who is in her self-isolation gets candid about her quarantine routine and the new skills she has learned so far. The country which has got more than 5,400 confirmed cases is currently in its lockdown. Siew also expressed how the deadly virus has affected the modeling world.

Check out the interview with the Malaysian influencer:

How are you spending your quarantine?

In Malaysia, the lockdown started from 16 March to 28 April. I have been in quarantine for almost a month. At first, I am not used to the sudden changes but after a while, I have adapted to the newly changed lifestyle. I do feel life is peaceful and I am able to get good rest by staying at home. Most activities I get to think about is what to do at home and what to eat for later meals. In recent news, total recovery and the number of cases in Malaysia have reduced. It is definitely a relief and hopefully, it will get better soon.

What new skills have you learnt during this lockdown?

During this lockdown, places to go are restricted so it’s mostly at home or the grocery store. Other than doing the workout at home through some YouTube videos, I have definitely improved my culinary skills. Previously, my cooking skills were very average. Now it has improved much better. Earlier, I mostly ate out due to the working schedule. But now staying at home has forced me to push my limits in cooking. My mum called me and praised me for all those yummy meals I sent in the family group chat. She also jokes that I should cook a family meal for them when I get back to them. I am happy to show to my parents that in this 1 month, I am eating healthy food.

How has the modelling industry affected because of coronavirus?

It has definitely affected very badly. In general, modeling shoots require models and photographers to meet in studios or outdoor locations for shoots. The lockdown has restricted all of us to stay home. This doesn’t only affect shooting but also music videos, movies, films that were set to release. Most talents are conducting live sessions to interact with fans. In modeling, models can’t conduct shoots through the live sessions.

What are your plans after this pandemic gets over?

After getting a break for over 1 month, I am definitely ready to get back to work and look ahead to the new challenges. I want to finish my abroad working trips. I would like to increase my working experiences and hoping to learn new skills from different master photographers. In every shoot or media shoot, I learn something new like how to adjust my face and body for the cameras and bring natural expressions in terms of acting.

You have always stunned everyone with your bold pictures. What would you like to say about it?

I don’t stock photos. I want to show and share what’s happening in my day-to-day life. It is one of my highlights as a top influencer. I don’t like to post throwback photos. My fans are connected to me better because my content is time relevant and fresh.

What’s the important lesson you have learnt in this self-isolation time?

Health and safety precautions I must say. It is extremely important to take this pandemic as a lesson and be careful of our habits. Wash our hands regularly, don’t eat unhygienic food, sanitize in public places, and so on. It’s nothing burdening or difficult because it’s proper hygiene practice. I will pick up a few of these safety precautions and implement them even after this quarantine ends.