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Martez House Is Adding A New Meaning To The Word “Wealth”




When the world “wealth” comes to mind, most people instantly think about money and financial status. However, one fitness entrepreneur, in particular, is adding a new meaning to the word, and he’s recently been creating a lot to buzz in the fitness industry because of it. I’m of course talking about Martez House, founder of the “Official Wealth Brand.”

He’s been quite successful with getting busy businessmen like myself to look at our health as the most valuable asset in our lives, and with the company’s mission of converting a billion lives to a completely plant-based lifestyle, a lot of competing fitness entrepreneurs have recently been scratching their heads wondering what this brand is doing differently to gain so much traction so fast. I decided to get the inside scoop and hear from the man himself on his approach to growing a fitness brand and achieving his company’s mission.


Many fitness experts are currently utilizing online advertising as their main method for getting new brand awareness, but you seem to have gained a lot of attention by sticking straight to your mission. Can you explain how this has been working for you?

“I am a firm believer in building a solid foundation with what you are offering to the world before you attempt to market yourself to a million people. Once you dial in how you deliver incredible amounts of value to people, that is when you should then focus on getting your message heard. This ensures that people will feel they are gaining something when they interact with your brand. I also have made sure that everything I do in my company, Official Wealth Brand, aligns with our overall mission of converting a billion lives to a plant-based diet. If a piece of content or a collaboration with another influencer doesn’t align with that mission then it isn’t going to happen.”


What are most entrepreneurs in the fitness industries doing wrong that you believe they could change to drastically skyrocket the success of their businesses?

“I’d tell them to focus more on educating rather than selling, for that is how you actually build trust in the eyes of your prospects. Of course, they want to make sales, but I’ve noticed that people tend to buy once they feel that the other person’s main focus is getting the results rather than just making a sale. This applies to anyone selling anything in any industry. I’ve also noticed that many people in the fitness industry tend to sabotage the success of their clients, and I’ll explain what I mean by that. Instead of getting the client truly set up for success so that they can move along in their life, the trainer/consultant with almost do what they know will lead to the person staying with them because they continue to struggle. While that may lead to additional revenue in the short-term, it will lead to a massive loss of potential money in the long-run. When someone achieves the end result that they truly wanted in a very short amount of time, they instantly become a raving fan of the company/person who helped them achieve that. They become the promoters and referral partners in your business. That transition right there would drastically skyrocket the success of anyone’s business who applies that philosophy.”


Is there one piece of advice you’d give to other fitness entrepreneurs who are wanting to take their business to where you’ve taken it?

“Similar to my answer above, I’d say give your clients result-based current information and to live what you preach. Fitness is more than just a phase or temporary commitment – it is truly a lifestyle. If you’re preaching have an incredible work ethic and be disciplined then make sure you bring that to the table in your business. Have discipline with focusing on the ‘boring’ aspects of your business as much as you do on your ‘abs.’ Fitness trainers enjoy working out, so that’s the easy part of the equation for them. It’s about doing what’s hard, for that’s what brings true progress and transformation.”


How can people follow your journey to study your approach to operating your business

Instagram: @officialmhouse
FB: @officialwealthbrand

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