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Meet Ephraim Glick – The Entrepreneur Revolutionizing the Commercial Contracting Industry



Ephraim Glick

Recently, I sat down with Ephraim Glick, Founder, and CEO of Midsouth Commercial Roofing LLC, a commercial contracting company specializing in hotel, apartment, and industrial roofing services, to find out what drove the success of his business and him as an entrepreneur.


What inspired you to take an entrepreneurial path instead of a standard job?

Ephraim Glick: When I was 9 years old I knew I wanted to do something more than just live a normal life. As I grew up I watched people settle for lives that were not what they had dreamed of but their careers, hours and salary controlled a lot of how and where they could live. So when I left at 18 with nothing but the clothes on my back and $843 in my pocket it became about survival and I didn’t want to be limited or capped so the only way I knew how to go for my dreams was making it happen myself through trial and error. 


Were there any moments in your journey that you’d consider the ‘turning points’ and if so could you outline them?

Ephraim Glick: I remember at one point when I started a new company and all the money was going into it and I was living on pennies when my girlfriend at the time told me I would never make it, That I would never make enough money to support a family. That was the pivotal moment that I knew I was going to do whatever it took to succeed. I gave up my weekends and I worked 15-18 hours a day building my dream. I sacrificed a lot of things in order to pursue my business goals and never looked back. The second time was when I lost a company I had worked so hard on. I realized I was making decisions based on feelings, not facts. Professionals make decisions based on their commitments to their company, clients, and family, not feelings. I changed how I made decisions once I learned that the hard way. 


Are there any entrepreneurs that you look up to, if so, who, and how have they impacted what you do?

Ephraim Glick: Grant Cardone, Ryan Serhant. Great examples of persistence and hard work. Watching them taught me that it’s ok to work a lot and love what I do but to also recognize when you need a day to reset or just take care of yourself. Their stories inspired me as an entrepreneur and helped me believe I could achieve anything I set my mind too. 


What would be the top 3 tips you would give to a new business owner?

Ephraim Glick: Be authentic and real. The marketplace can sense a phony or a person that’s just in it for the money from a mile away. Believe in your product/service with everything in you. You have to know that what you are offering is the best thing for your client and that they are making a mistake by not hiring you. Just do… Stop procrastinating and putting off things you know need to be done. Take a step forward every day in your business and be patient… Hold that step until you can take another one and then another one. It’s not a race but as long as you can continue moving forward and not losing steps you are making a difference and the marketplace will pay you for it.


Where do you see yourself and your business in a couple of years? What’s your dream?

Ephraim Glick: We are taking the company nationally. My dreams include opening up my schedule to do more consulting and helping young entrepreneurs get started. Something I had no help in when I started and it’s my dream to be the help that most entrepreneurs never get. My goals include taking my message and releasing my book worldwide and creating events and places to teach practical business and financial freedom through being fulfilled in what you do every day. My dream is to help entrepreneurs eliminate their pain points in business and relationships by changing the lense of perception most of us look through when starting out in business and trying to keep healthy relationships at the same time.

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