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Meet Shawn Surani, 17 Year Old Entrepreneur On His Way To Help The World



Shawn Surani

This week we had a chance to get to talk to one of the most famous serial entrepreneurs of the internet, Shawn SuraniIf you haven’t heard of him yet, now is the time to learn some stuff from him. By the end of this article that will be a blast from the past…

Hey Shawn, thanks so much for taking the time to sit down with us today, how are you doing?

Doing well thank you for meeting me with everyone going on right now!

Great, Glad to hear it! Can you take a brief moment to explain who you are and what you do?

Sure! My name is Shawn Surani I’m from Atlanta Georgia and I’m an entrepreneur.

That’s Awesome Shawn, What exactly is that you do?

As of right now, I wear a lot of hats! For starters, I own an investment company in which we invest in startups, as well as the stock market and real estate secondly I and my team have started a new car dealership called ember exotics a 100% online exotic and luxury car business specializing in sales and rental.

I also own “Firetixatl” which was one of my first startups that still operates to this day at “Firetixatl” we specialize in brokering tickets for every event that comes through the city of Atlanta. For example for a falcons game recently we bought over 100 tickets directly from Mercedes Benz Stadium (as I have a custom contract with the stadium for 30 years) for 100 tickets in the upper level for 120$ we then sold those hundred tickets for around 180$ this took my staff maybe 1 hour to organize and we made $6,000.

On top of all of this, I’m big on philanthropy efforts and am currently working on building a school in Pakistan.


How exactly did you get started?

I got started at the age of 11.

I was given 500$ from my parents which I used to buy three pairs of shoes I then sold those shoes on the same day for over 1000$! And from there the rest was history I heavily immersed myself into the entrepreneurial atmosphere starting my first corporation at 15 where I sold merchant processing systems to big brick and mortar businesses as well as payment processing solutions. I got a big offer and sold this company within just 1 year of operation from there I started my own investment company ember capital where we have over 7 figures in capital amassed from my capital as well as investors

That’s awesome, congrats on all your success at such a young age, what’s the trick to being successful?

I would say that there are no tricks per se but rather the number 1 way to be successful is to know how to execute one thing I see happen too often is someone comes up with a brilliant idea but doesn’t know how to execute on the idea make sure if you don’t know how to execute find someone that can expedite your path and make it easier for you You Have to SPEED UP THE PROCESS! No wasting time!

Do you teach others how to start and scale a business?

I and my team are currently working to start a mentorship program through my Instagram where I will help people for absolutely free as well as invest in other people’s ideas that come to me

How much does someone need to get started?

To get started making money you don’t need a dime! You just need pure grit and determination a never give up attitude and be willing to listen to others around you

What’s one piece of advice you’d give yourself if you knew what you knew now and we’re just getting started?

I’d say the number one piece of advice I can give to others is to not listen to your naysayers often I see too many people have an idea and a plan of action but the first 5 people they show it to everyone proclaims that’s they know more than you and that this idea will never work. Don’t share your dreams with small-minded individuals with no experience!

Shawn, Thanks for taking the time to sit down with me, I have one last question for you, where can people get in contact with you?

The best place to contact me is through my Instagram @shawnsurani me or someone from my team will respond 100% of the time. Thanks for meeting with me today!

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