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Movers & Shakers Interview with Kage Spatz



Tell us your name and a little about yourself.

I’m Kage and I want you to know I appreciate you for reading this! In addition to laughing with others as much as possible, I enjoy long walks on the beach, playing punk chords on guitar, and jumping out of planes. Proud to say I’ve won an award or two for my work mentoring at-risk youth and also recently co-founded a 4th company, despite chronic migraines you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Want to know more? Reach out and say hi anytime!

What exactly does your company do?

Ever wonder how an author, CEO, or someone else you never heard of was able to obtain an impressive following on social media? They might be working with to connect their personal brand with a larger audience. We also manage ads online for offline companies such as law firms and collision repair shops for example, among many other industries. The newest project I’m involved with will help superheroes (educators, policemen, military, and others) purchase a home by providing them with access to loans and programs they never knew were possible. Can you imagine buying a home and only having to pay off half of it? That’s a taste of what we have done and can do for many of those who do so much for us, our kids, and our communities. Live in the states and know someone who wants to see what we can get them access to? Contact

What were the biggest challenges you have faced and how did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge I faced was myself. Learning new skills and putting in the work was never going to be an issue, it was a lack of self-awareness that held me back. I didn’t realize how much I was allowing fear to play a role in my decision-making process. I was afraid of even the smallest potential failures and what people would think of me when or if I fell flat on my face. As soon as I invested serious energy and practice into shifting my own mindset, more and more doors began to open up almost instantly.

What piece of advice do you wish someone had given you at the start of your career?

Ignore the advice of those who haven’t done it themselves. That includes family and friends. Many won’t understand what you are trying to accomplish and some will criticize it. None of them have built multi-million dollar businesses for a reason. The faster you learn how to tune them out, the faster you’ll learn how to get to where you want to go.

Who are your biggest influences and people you admire and why?

There was never anyone in particular who I consciously thought of as a big influence on my entrepreneurial career but looking back on my life thus far, I’d have to say, my Dad. Although he didn’t have any business knowledge, I was definitely influenced by his resilience. After being knocked down so many times in life, he always found the strength to get right back up. He is also the reason I am able to connect so well with people I never met before. Dad always had a goal of making a stranger smile each day so he would regularly go out of his way to converse with strangers. As embarrassing as that felt as a kid, I understand it now. Not everyone will understand or appreciate you but coming from a place of love to better the lives of others will take anything you do to another level.

None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are?

So many teachers from elementary through college truly cared about me and that made all the difference. I definitely wouldn’t have made it this far without their love and support, especially during those confusing and stressful teenage years. Mr. Ralph DeSantis and Mr. Thomas Zapolski saved my life. I promised myself I would do the same for someone else by teaching for 10 years before exploring any other opportunities. This previous career forced me to become more resilient than ever and keep obstacles in perspective. No question entrepreneurship has been easier because of that experience.

What do you see as your greatest success in life?

I’ve been in a position of influence most of my life. First as an older brother, then as a leader to many of the younger kids in our neighborhood growing up, and then eventually as teacher directly with thousands of at-risk youth. To know I had even the smallest part in any of their success today is my greatest success.

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