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Pursuing Success – Interview with Filmmaker & Ex-Pixar Layout Artist, Colin Levy



Colin Levy


Colin Levy who currently lives in Los Angeles, California is a filmmaker and artist from the United State of America. Colin gives us an insight into the dynamics that exist behind his mode of operation and he also leaves behind a few tips;

Handling anxiety and the challenges faced so far

According to Colin, anxiety is a double-edged sword. Sometimes its effects can be overwhelming, and, in the end, it gets the better of him but on some occasions, it’s a positive tool. He termed it as being a useful tool this is because it spurs him on and gives him the motivation he needs to work. He tries to absorb all the energy that emanates from anxiety and turns it into productivity hence his early description of anxiety being a useful tool. It is probably not the healthiest way of handling it, but he experiences acute anxiety as a regular part of his life. It’s just the way he is wired. He pointed out that he is learning to trust that things will turn out right and those good things take time. He is also learning to enjoy the present. He eventually stated that if you don’t find a way to enjoy and relish the journey, you’re on today, an unhappy ending cannot be ruled out; even in success.

Tips for success

For Colin Levy, success is intentional, it does not happen to anyone by mistake or by luck. Success comes to those who put in the work for it. So, for him, success is about being intentional with your time and effort. Anxiety helps him with that. Colin sees himself as his worse critic. This helps him to improve his work, and also improve as a human being.


He stated that he is by no means a perfect individual neither is he a great artist but the will and sheer aspiration to improve is half the battle for success and it has worked for him so far.

Avoiding extreme fatigue

Colin is of the belief that burnouts are inevitable especially when you’re constantly pushing yourself past your limits in the achievement of set-out goals and targets or when you’re making concerted efforts to complete a task over a long period of time. He loves to work, but he believes that there is a need for a balance, and that balance is one way to avoid burning out. For situations that he can’t just use brute force in getting his way, he tries to adhere strictly to his creative rhythm as much as he can. He stated that forcing himself to work is not something that he can keep up with every time so why try to? He has found that asides from maintaining a healthy work-life balance, sleep is the biggest factor.

He then advised people generally to take breaks, go on walks of varying lengths depending on their endurance levels and invest in their personal lives. In his instance, movies are a good way to release some steam, so he watches movies and they always help him recharge.


Plans for steady growth and sustained success

Colin stated that he in no way knows what the future holds, but he hopes to continue to challenge himself. He has realized that he doesn’t like the feeling of remaining non-progressive. As long as he is learning something new or engaging in tasks slightly outside of his place of comfort, he knows he is in the right place.



Source of Motivation

His source of motivation lies within the work of brilliant artists, filmmakers, and humans that constantly put him in awe, entertain and move him. Seeing quality stuff out there makes him want to do great stuff too. He feels very fortunate to have a, one in a million, support system in the way of his parents and family.

They have incredibly been supportive of his craft and career path as a filmmaker and this dates back to his childhood and he is grateful for that. He has also been lucky to find an exceptional group of collaborators who he enjoys working with, as well as friends and supporters both in real life and offline. He acknowledged that without them, he would have given up a long time ago.

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