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Rapper and Entrepreneur King Bando AKA Hoodrich $langa Defeats Adversity and Conquers the Rap Scene



Hoodrich $langa

Hoodrich $langa seems to have reached great heights in his career, but he had to triumph over many highs and lows before coming out a winner.

King Bando AKA Hoodrich $langa is a rap artist and entrepreneur who has quickly launched himself to success after a long and hard fight. King was born on April 20, 1992, in Natchez, Mississippi, and had a rocky start in life in the streets of Fayette without a parental image to guide him. But he found comfort in making music at the young age of 7 and grew up being inspired by the major rap artists at the time. 50 Cent, Z-Ro, Twista, T.I., Nelly, were among the figures of inspiration who helped King find his career in music later.

In Junior High, while King was putting himself through school, he started taking the first steps to what would become a successful music career. A much younger King created a rap group with some friends and started songwriting, which led to a string of successful gigs performing at his school. His songs Our Situation, So Fly, and Big Blocks were heard at pep rallies, and King was geared up for even bigger things from that point onward.

King wanted a better life for himself and was aiming for the golden prize. He carried on pushing the limits and ended up receiving a welding certification in 2010, around the time he was finishing high school.

King finally found a job in welding, but where he found real fulfillment was in music. He was still writing songs circa 2017, and with the funds, he saved from his welding job, he started to invest in himself and what would be the foundation to set off his career. He invested in rental properties and kept working on his music, and started performing at bigger venues like an event in Gulfport, MS, where he performed his singles Take a Ride and Suck It.

Having worked in the welding industry for about a decade, King had already saved about a million dollars in savings and took a great leap in creating his own company, R.B.A. Records LLC. At the same time, he also dove right into the fashion business that same year with his own clothing line Hoodrichthings, a collection that includes shirts, eyewear, jogger suits, and dresses.

King committed to his music and had success in his pursuits. He had the chance to collaborate with artists like T-Rell on his single Money Talk and Nino Brown on Bust It Open in 2019. The now-famous rapper Hoodrich $langa also had the chance to perform Bust It Open with Nino Brown in Port Gibson and Baton Rouge.

But what truly sets King apart from the rest of the rap scene is how he gives back to his community. Aside from being a rising music icon, King is also a neighborhood activist and a motivational speaker. He takes a personal approach in his encounters and goes the extra mile to lend a helping hand.

King donates 90% of his earnings to charity, and the beneficiaries include families in need, especially at around Christmas time. He also initiates donation drives to provide bikes, clothes and shoes, dolls, remote control cars, and gift cards. Students also receive his support when he comes up with funds to distribute school supplies, haircut services, school uniforms, and shoes. As for the homeless population, King helps prepare meals, hands out water, and offers coats, socks, shoes, and tents for warmth and shelter.

King Bando AKA Hoodrich $langa is the personification of the ultimate rags to riches story and goes beyond his riches by giving back and making a difference. As he stays grounded no matter how high his achievements go, he is sure to reach even more towering heights of success for years to come.

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