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Respect Your Growth: Shanice Ramirez



Respect Your Growth: Shanice Ramirez

From IG Model hosting nightclub events to Social Media Boss Lady hosting incredible webinars and dominating her niche in the entrepreneurial world.

How Did Shanice Get Here?

A few years back, when Shanice first launched her IG, it didn’t take long before she had a huge following and was considered an “IG Model.” Meaning she got paid to promote, received merch, got paid to host nightclub events and exclusive parties. It didn’t take long for her to figure out that lifestyle just wasn’t for her. Being only known as pretty just wasn’t for her. Shanice knew she had more to offer and essentially only took up those opportunities because of the money. Shanice has always been an entrepreneur, but this wasn’t how she wanted to make her money or be known as anymore.

Shanice took a break from social media for about a year or two. She took the time to re-group her thoughts and essentially decided what she really wanted to be known as was an entrepreneur. The only thing was, what kind of entrepreneur was she passionate enough to be? As many of us do, she lost a lot of money in experimenting, but some of her money went to great use and paid multi-millionaire mentors to coach her.

After Shanice’s break, she finally decided it was time to get back onto Instagram. She knew there was money to be made on this app and just needed to find out how to make money off of it. She decided it was time to re-brand herself and incorporate her whole new mindset to her brand. When she would go onto Instagram the only thing on her mind would be “how can I make money off this app?” She was still struggling through the trial and error stage and wasn’t even sure what she was doing. That’s when she started implementing all of the thousands of dollars worth of courses she had learned from.

Shanice started attending networking events to master her networking skills. Whenever someone would ask what she did, she would ask them, “what do you need done?” She quickly saw her opportunity and that’s when she created her team. She had several different resources that her team could provide to social media and marketing for anyone that had a problem.   

That’s when it hit her, she had done all this work to her personal brand. Which then sparked curiosity within her existing followers and it attracted new followers. While in this journey she was able to retain their attention and then convert them to clients. That’s when she decided she wanted to be an entrepreneur of personal branding.


How Did You “Respect Your Growth”?

Shanice: People saw my brand and business growth through my Instagram and through that they were asking me for advice via DM. I documented my journey of the good, stressful, and even the boring moments through my IG story.

People are attracted to my brand because I keep it all raw and real. I have a tough-love approach to things and won’t sugar coat anything to seem like life is absolutely perfect. I don’t sell you the dream and walk away as other “gurus” do. Trust me it’s happened to me lots of times. I paid thousands of dollars and they still haven’t shown me exactly what they promised. 

I am fully invested in the growth of my clients both short term or long term. I have helped those freshly new to Instagram to even established millionaires. I’ve helped people with their engagement in getting them on podcasts and publications. I truly believe I will only succeed by making others succeed. 


Tips on How to Respect Your Growth

  • Be Kind.

    • Be polite to everyone you encounter throughout your day, you don’t know what battles they’re facing. If you want kindness from others, you must give it first. Always give what you would want to receive. If you see someone is struggling to open a door, help them. Or if you have a bunch of stuff, but the person behind you only has one thing, let them go before you. Don’t forget to smile when saying please and thank you!
  • Listen.

    • Be aware of what is being said inside your mind. Listen to your body when it says its had enough to eat or it’s ready for a change or challenge. Take time in the morning to plan out your day and at night to reflect on what you can do better. When you practice effective listening skills, you will feel more confident in your decisions.
  • Let Go of Anger.

    • Holding anger towards someone else or even yourself only hurts you. Allow yourself to feel the anger only at the moment, then move past it. You can reflect on it, but you must put it behind you. Dwelling on the anger only causes anxiety or health problems. No one is perfect and you will screw up sometimes, but you must allow yourself to recover and focus on a positive habit or do something you love. The golden rule is to always forgive and forget.
  • Willingness to Change.

    • You must realize the process of evolution includes change. You must make a daily effort to grow as a person. This can be learning a new skill, trying something new, or re-examining your automatic behaviors. Don’t forget to congratulate yourself on the progress you have made along the way. 


Why Do You Respect Your Growth?

Shanice: I don’t have any fancy degree or declared title of a personal branding expert. I just know the formula that worked for me, the common piece of the puzzle that many other huge entrepreneurs and influencers work on to monetize their social media presence. I can convert clients effortlessly after all the hard start-up work is over. I help entrepreneurs reach their full potential, both online and offline! Whether you love social media or not we have to admit that it is not going anywhere, it is vital for ANY business. Yes, it is oversaturated, but that’s why your personal branding is going to differentiate you from the rest. Your unique story will make you stand out from the rest if you are able to articulate it properly. 

Everybody can benefit off of working on their personal brand! I do love to point out that people that have careers offline should really take this tool and generate even more sales! I have done all of this to my own personal brand. Without that decision to switch things up, because I knew that lifestyle was no longer helping me grow, I wouldn’t be here living my passion. That is why I respect my growth and am so very grateful for it.

Are you ready to grow? Or are you going to keep living a life that doesn’t satisfy you?

You can reach Shanice at or on Instagram @shye.lee.  

Samantha Coppage is 23 years old from Scottsdale, Arizona.