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Room Frames: The E-Commerce Business Disrupting The Entrepreneurship Community



Room Frames

Today Staiber Consulting sat down with Stratos Arampatzis, the CEO and founder of Room Frames, a company that has been gaining traction in the entrepreneurship and self-development community for quite some time now. Room Frames has been a wildly successful e-commerce brand, so we’re here today to learn about how it came to be, and what the future holds.

So tell us about Roomframes, who’s the genius behind the brand & how did Roomframes come into fruition?

First of all, I want to thank you for having me, I am thrilled to share the story of my business and I hope that I can inspire as many people as possible through this article. My name is Stratos Arampatzis and I am a 22-year-old student/entrepreneur from the beautiful city of Hamburg, Germany. The idea to create an E-commerce shop was born when I was on a work & travel trip to New Zealand.

It’s funny because one day I was really bored and swiped through my Youtube feed when I came along a video with the caption “How to make $10k a month passively”. The video was about creating a Shopify store, uploading a couple of Aliexpress products, throwing up some facebook ads and see the sales roll in, the idea sounded simple… Boy was I wrong.

Nevertheless, a few days later I borrowed a laptop from a friend of mine, bought a domain and started my e-commerce journey. During the same time, I also worked for a film agency as an extra as well as at the harbor cleaning yachts all day long, so I had to learn and work on my site at night.

After about 2 weeks the site was up and running, but there was still a problem…the site had little to no traffic and since I was traveling for the most time I was not able to run ads effectively. I had no choice but to continue to watch and learn through youtube videos until I was back home. A couple of months down the road, I launched my first Facebook ads… It went horribly wrong and I lost a few thousand in ad spend. Soon after I decided to change my strategy and started focusing on influencer marketing, quickly I saw a few sales coming in and I knew this was the way to go for the brand, the rest is history.

How long has Roomframes been up & running?

Roomframes were founded in 2016 when I was in New Zealand but I officially started marketing and working on a daily basis since mid-2017. Since then we are constantly growing and we’re on a good path to become the favorite choice when it comes to inspirational wall art.

What is your why? What’s the mission behind Roomframes?

In the beginning, there was no clear mission. It was just exciting thinking about owning your own business, trying to make it work and learning about new strategies every single day.

We did not have a theme or clear goal, we just uploaded a bunch of designs from multiple categories and sold whatever was trending during that time. Nowadays things have changed slightly, while it is still exciting to work at Roomframes, our main goal is to provide inspiring canvas wall art that empowers you to take action and to remind you of what you want to achieve in life.

Recently we have partnered with the non-profit organization “OneTreePlanted” who has committed to planting 3 trees for every single order placed! So our second mission is to plant as many trees as possible and give something back to our beautiful planet while also motivating younger generations to do something positive for themselves & the environment.

What type of products does Roomframes offer to the public?

At this point in time, we only offer canvas wraps. We have partnered with an excellent manufacturer and I am proud to say that our products are made of industry-leading materials.

The designs are all about inspiration and motivation, but we plan to introduce a few more collections in the future. The idea is to provide a product that is serving as a daily reminder of your dreams and goals. And what would be better than a huge wall art above your empty wall or office desk?

We plan to introduce more wall art products in the future, such as metal prints or unframed posters, but for now, we are focusing on our current product line.

What have your biggest struggles been with building this brand and how have you overcome them?

I would say the biggest struggle was to overcome the fear to spend money and ACTUALLY take the risk to try something new even though you don’t know what the results will be. After spending and losing a ton of money with Facebook ads I was devastated and I thought that it might be the end already. I took a break from advertising and started watching and learning through youtube videos again. That’s how I got into influencer marketing and building a brand. Since then things are going pretty well and for now, we are focusing to double down on what’s working for us.

What does the end game look like for you, is Roomframes temporary or is this what you want to do for the foreseeable future?

Time will tell…I really don’t know how long Roomframes will be here, but at this point in time, I am striving to grow the business to a 7-figure company. I absolutely love what I am doing, I love it to connect with like-minded people, I love it to cooperate with artists that want their art to be featured and I love to donate a part of the profits to One Tree Planted in order to help our environment & society. I think that this is a good foundation to keep this business alive for a long time.

For the readers looking to get started in the E-commerce space, what advice would you give them?

If you have a great idea or want to start a business then just f***ing do it!!  Learn all the things you have to and then just start working on it until it becomes real. Just please stop complaining about everything and everyone and stop making excuses.

We all have 24 hours in one day – Yes, even Elon Musk & Bill Gates – so make the most out of it and stop wasting your time and energy with stuff that is holding you back…(you know exactly what I mean). My greatest motivation always was; If others are able to achieve great things, why on earth should you not be able to? What’s the difference between them and you? The answer is there is no difference…They just took massive action and eliminated the things that were not aligned with their goals. It sounds simple, but yet 99% still fail to do so. The question is: Are you 1%?

How can someone check out your business and place an order on some wall art?

Very simple! Just visit the store at and choose your favorite piece, add it to cart and proceed to the checkout. With loads of art prints in a wide variety of styles, you will surely find the ideal piece that will become the centerpiece of your home or office the moment you put it up.

Do you think we can get a special discount code for all our readers?

Absolutely! The goal is to inspire as many people as possible through art. We want to give all readers the opportunity to get our unique pieces at a fair price.

I have created the discount code “ABOUTYOU20”. You can use this code to save 20% off your entire order. Note: This code is limited to the first 100 orders. If it does not work for you anymore then make sure to hit me up via email ( and I’ll hook you up with another special deal 😉

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