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Sam Jacobs, 18 Year Old Entrepreneur Set To Change The Education System Forever



Sam Jacobs, an 18 Year Old Entrepreneur Set To Change The Education System Forever

Recently I had the chance to sit down and chat with 18-Year-Old E-Commerce Expert Sam Jacobs who is the CEO of Uprise Education and has done over $1.5 million dollars in e-commerce revenue. He has trained thousands of students in E-Commerce, and his students have gone on to make millions of dollars in revenue. He plans to disrupt the education system forever. I discussed with him about how he was able to get to where he is at today. Here is what he had to say:

What got you into entrepreneurship in the beginning?

Growing up, I always had that entrepreneur spirit. I was that kid selling candy bars in school, flipping things for a couple of bucks here and there, but as I grew older, I knew I was destined for more, and that’s when I turned to the online world.

That’s awesome, what made you realize that you can do such amazing things at such a young age?

I looked at the people I looked up to and told myself if they can do it so can I. Remember everyone has the same 24 hours in the day it’s all up to you how you spend it.

That’s a great point! Now it says here you started your journey just a year ago, how did you accelerate to 7 figures in e-commerce revenue so fast!

Great question… what I did is that every day I wrote down 5 things I need to do today to get closer to my end goal. I first started with a goal of 6 figures and worked my way up. The key is to break down your goal into micro goals and get closer to that end goal every day.

Do you mind explaining how you make most of your money?

Sure, I do something called Shopify dropshipping. I sell things on my own websites and bring in traffic from sources like Facebook and Instagram ads. Now the best part is that I don’t need to deal with any inventory because the second I get a sale I have my suppliers in China ship the product out.

Wow sounds awesome, can people reading this article also do this?

Sure! I have thousands of students doing the same. You can get started today by joining my step-by-step program on everything you need to know to crush it with Shopify dropshipping at

Over the course of the year did you have rough times when you wanted to quit?

Yes, the process was anything but easy, nor did I think it was going to be easy, but either way, I told myself I won’t quit until I succeed. Remember to have the mindset when you go into anything in life that you won’t quit until you succeed, and you will never fail.

Success is like a roller coaster, you have good and bad days. Now here’s the trick… Do you want to see real success? Have the same mindset when you are down and when you are up… you’re gonna BREAKTHRU!

When you had those down moments what motivated you to get back up?

That’s a great question, here’s the answer I tell everyone and the amazing part is everyone can use it.

I want you to think about why you want success, and dig deep. Find your WHY.

Maybe it’s to buy your mom a nice house, pay her bills, get yourself the life you always dreamed of, power, girls or whatever it is, find it.

Next, I want you to write your WHY on a piece of paper and hang it somewhere you can see it.

Now here’s where it gets awesome… when you’re about to quit tell yourself NO! If I quit now I will NEVER get that “WHY.”

I used this strategy to always keep myself motivated even when times got bad.

We all have a lot to learn from Sam Jacobs. He can be reached on Instagram at @SamJacobs

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