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Saving Fortune 500 Companies From Disaster – Patricia Burgess



Saving Fortune 500 Companies From Disaster - Patricia Burgess

It’s been about 1 year since I first had the pleasure of meeting Patricia Burgess, sometime in August 2018 we both wound up at a multi-millionaire’s house in Franklin, TN for a weekend long mastermind. I was so impressed by the caliber of people at this event that I set out on a mission to get to know every single one of them the best that I could. I was fortunate enough to make a connection and still keep in touch with Patricia Burgess to this day. I knew that Patricia had been a powerhouse of success in the corporate business world for the last 30 years, but I wasn’t sure on the details of what exactly she did. Thankfully, we got a chance to chat a few weeks ago where she clued me in on more of the detailed aspects of her professional career and took the time to answer some questions that I like to ask successful people, like Patricia. 

Patricia, where are you from?  

“I was born and raised in Central Florida, but after traveling the world, I now call South Carolina home.”

And what exactly is it that you do? 

“I help save fortune 500 companies from disaster by showing them what’s possible while putting money back in the pockets of the independent consultants. Our primary objective is to understand a potential client’s current challenges and desired future state. We then determine if we have the appropriate resources (independent consultants) in our community with the skills to paint the vision and build a solution that gives the client not only what they asked for, but what they need. We connect authentic people with real opportunities, creating winning results.”

So, what separates your company from others? 

Simply put, authenticity. We believe in only serving clients that are a good fit for the members in our community, and we care more about the client’s success than even the client.” 

What motivated you to start your own company? 

“This is not my first company. It all started on that spring day in 2009, living in Southern California, when I received notice that I was going to start losing benefits and would not be receiving a bonus or a pay raise for the third year in a row.  I realized in order for my daughter to start college in the fall a change was imminent. You see, it was out of necessity, that I left my 6-figure “safe” corporate-America career, I jumped into Entrepreneurship”

So, break it down for me. 

10 years ago, when I left my “safe” corporate-America 6-figure 20-year career in supply chain management, I started a small consulting firm (selling my knowledge of designing and implementing supply chain management solutions…still trading time for money – but on my terms). I built this small consulting firm to $1 million in revenue. In 2012, I lost my father to a battle that never should have been. This created a chain reaction, a personal growth journey, starting with my move to South Carolina, and a pivot to a different company model, looking to launch a food business, while still searching for my passion. Then, in 2017, I realized that we were not any better than the big 4 firms or the body shops exploiting their consultants, which furthest from my intentions. So, I closed shop completely and pivoted in a different direction.”

Can you tell me some more about your current company? 

“In 2017, after my revelation that I needed to Pivot. I joined my most trusted advisors and colleagues at AnswerSpring, a membership community, focused on connecting authentic people (Consulting Solutions) with real opportunities (Client Challenges). It was a way of offering our network an opportunity to join a community where we could give back through mentorship, showing them what’s possible as an independent consultant, while putting more money in their own pockets by not taking a piece of their rate like the traditional consulting body shops do. This felt like a more authentic way to lift others up on my way to achieving my ultimate mission.”

Did you get your business education from college? 

“Yes and No. I do not have a degree. I was blessed with 2 children by age 21 and traditional college was not in the cards. However, I am educated in business from real experiences, doing real business for the last 30 years. I mastered the ability to be self-aware of my knowledge and capabilities, skilling up as I needed to further advance in supply chain management. Ultimately being considered an expert in my field, enabling me to build up a successful consulting career and business. You see, I believe in self-education, in having a growth mindset, taking responsibility of developing and mastering the skills you need to deliver massive value. The day I stop learning is the day I die.”

What do you love the most about what you do? 

Helping others find success, by showing others what truly is possible, became my natural high. The ability to provide opportunities for others is one of the ultimate fulfillments, I have been blessed with opportunities and want the same for others.”

Do you have any side businesses or are you 100% focused on AnswerSpring and Consulting? 

“I do have visions of other ventures that will come out when the time is right. However, I am 100% focused on AnswerSpring, my personal goals, and taking the right next steps towards achieving my ultimate mission.”

Last question for now, what is your “M-O” that you’re known for? 

“E2 – A perfect balance of Efficiency & Effectiveness…after all, how I do anything is how I do everything.”