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Scaling Your Digital Marketing Firm; With Marketing Expert Landon Murie



Scaling Your Digital Marketing Firm; With Marketing Expert Landon Murie

The Digital marketing industry has seen its fair share of radical changes, especially in the first two quarters of 2020. The ongoing pandemic has forced a lot of businesses to shut down due to the lack of customers and sales

Nonetheless, this shouldn’t stop you from pressing on with your digital marketing goals. In an interview with digital marketing expert, Landon Murie a couple of weeks ago, he discussed how some of the issues going on around us are affecting the digital marketing industry and how you can take advantage of this too. 


So Landon, Tell me about your brand, Goodjuju.

Goodjuju is a marketing and SEO agency that helps property management companies get more online exposure so they can get more clients and grow. 

We only work with property managers, and this focus allows us to be really good and specific about how we get the results. 

We create stunning websites, we do local SEO, and we do reputation management. These services help our property management clients get found online by more property owners and investors.


How Can A Digital Marketer Retain And Gain New Clients During This Period?

I think one of the biggest things I have learned regarding marketing is that when you do a good job for clients and focus a lot on getting real results, your growth will happen more naturally and you will attract more clients. Focus on doing a great job for your clients and other stuff falls into place!

I think it also really helps your brand stand out if you are niche-specific. When you can say that you specialize in one thing within a specific industry, this really helps your brand differentiate itself from others who “do a little bit of everything”.


How have you managed to stay stress-free with all that’s going on?

I actually really love what I do at Goodjuju and working doesn’t stress me out too much. Marketing and SEO are almost like a game you are trying to win. You are testing, tweaking, and monitoring progress and it’s so fun for me to see our clients progress and our progress. 

One thing that makes work more stressful is when we have clients who need a lot of attention and communication, and we try to solve that by setting clear expectations upfront. Now lockdowns have been eased, I try as much as possible to visit the gym and engage in light workouts. This keeps my mind off work and boosts my health.


What’s the best advice you can give to Newbie Digital Marketers trying to penetrate the industry during this period?

I think one of the best things you can do is find someone in your desired niche who is doing what you want to be doing or achieving what you want and trying to reverse engineer their process and strategies. 

It’s pretty tough to come up with a “brand new way” of doing many things, especially now that things are complicated (unless you are Elon Musk) and so for most people, we should find someone who is at the level you want to be at, and go behind the scenes of their strategy to try and replicate their success in your own way. This has worked really well for me with my marketing agency.

Apart from this, you should learn how to reach people who need that help or service. You shouldn’t always rely on social media advertising, sometimes cold emails or even an Instagram DM( now that most people are on their phones 24/7) can build the right connections.

If you want to scale your new-found digital marketing firm, you’ll also need to build systems that people can follow. When you are successful, you will get to a point where you need help if you want to continue growing and helping more clients. 

Without a good system to onboard, train, and manage the work, things will start to fall apart. Focusing early on developing systems and creating steps that are easier to teach and follow is possible because you will be so glad you did once you need to find your first few people to hire.


Do you have any special talents or abilities besides what you shared that has helped you come this far?

I am pretty nerdy and I can get pretty obsessed with trying to dive in and learn something until I have it figured out. I attribute a lot of that to my teenage skateboarding years, trying, again and again, to figure out a new trick even when you are hurting and tired

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