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Steve Heroux Believes Honesty And Integrity Are The Key Ingredients To A Successful Career In Sales



Steve Heroux

Salespeople tend to have a bad stereotype attached to them, for when most people hear the word “salesperson,” they likely think about someone who is money-hungry and is willing to do just about anything to close a sale. Not all salespeople are like that, but unfortunately for the few good ones, the bad reputation that the majority of salespeople have created for themselves tend to create a negative stereotype for all of them.

Steve Heroux, who I recognize to be one of the nation’s most honest and respected sales trainers, is determined and committed to changing the world of sales, and he is leading by example. I recently got the opportunity to hear what he believes it takes to build a successful and long-lasting career in today’s day and age (specifically in sales), and I am excited to share with you some of the incredible insights that I received. 


“Let’s start out by hearing exactly who it is that you are and what exactly it is that you do…”

My name is Steve Heroux, and I’m passionate about changing the perception of salespeople, changing the way salespeople are trained, and changing the way companies view the importance of sales.  Through keynote speaking, teaching company sales teams, and helping individual salespeople with online courses, my message is simple. You can be extremely successful in professional selling without being aggressive, pushy, rude, or obnoxious.  

You can earn a great income without exhibiting the “ABC” (Always Be Closing) tactics from the ‘90s. I’ve been a top one-percenter in sales in two separate industries and I got there by exhibiting honesty, integrity, and humility.  

99% of sales trainers use old-school, antiquated, one-size-fits-all sales training for the masses. It doesn’t work. It’s never worked. It’s time to start diagnosing the issues salespeople have individually (our Sales DNA Test) and only then can we deliver the remedy that these folks need, on an individual basis.

“That’s incredible. What accomplishments are you currently most proud of?”

There are a few that come to mind. Number one, of course, is helping countless people achieve success in sales they never thought they could reach! I love the testimonials, nice emails, thank you notes, etc.  I take more pleasure in seeing other peoples’ successes than I do on my own. 

Becoming the #1 sales rep in the United States during my senior year in college was pretty cool. Becoming the #1 agent in new accounts with Aflac in the United States a few years back was even cooler. Being chosen as the keynote speaker over several “known” names for one of the fastest-growing brands in the food & beverage industry was very humbling. Lastly, I’m really proud of completing my first book, “Sales is NOT a Dirty Word,” which will be released on March 25th!

“Those are some pretty impressive accomplishments you have under your belt! Do you have any specific advice that you believe would help those who are looking to be more successful at selling?”

Figure out your passion, first. Decide what drives you, what gets you out of bed in the morning, and what puts wind in your sails. If you’re not selling something you’re fully, 100% committed to and have total belief in, you’ll never reach your full potential in sales.


“Right on. What originally inspired you to get into this industry?”

Frankly, I needed a part-time job during my freshman year of college. I was the quietest, shyest kid around. The last thing I wanted to do was go into sales. But I answered an ad (it was a flier on my desk at college) for part-time work and it turned out to be selling Cutco Knives! If I had never answered that ad, who’d even know where I’d be today. 

Once I got the gist of what sales were really about, I flourished. And for me, it was about telling the truth, having 100% belief in what I was selling, treating people with respect, and not trying to sell something to everyone who came within five feet of me.


“It’s crazy how certain moments can sometimes be so pivotal in our journey. What are a few of those pivotal moments in your journey?”

Becoming the top Cutco sales rep in all of New England, my first three weeks in sales, was a great start.  I made $1,600 in three weeks, part-time, from something my Dad told me I would fail miserably at.  

Second would be when I quit Cutco after six years, I was running sales teams for them at the time, and I decided to get a “real job.” I found out that a “real job” wasn’t for me and immediately went back into sales, and that’s when I found Aflac at a job fair. Thirdly, as I was winding up my Aflac career, I joined an MLM (Multi-level Marketing) company. I thought I had found one that wasn’t like most of the others, but I was wrong. I saw all the things you wouldn’t ever want to see. Lying, cheating, stealing, conning, brainwashing, etc. It taught me what NOT to do to people, and after two years of ignoring my conscience and mortgaging my integrity, I quit and started my own sales training and consulting firm in 2017.

My most recent pivotal moment was when I came across the tool we now call the “Sales DNA Test.” It is the single most effective tool I have ever seen in my 22 years in the industry of professional sales. We use this tool with every client we have, to help them uncover all the hidden reasons they aren’t living up to their full potential. It’s a game-changer, and it has completely changed my entire life.


“Do you currently have anything exciting coming up?”

Yes, lots!  My new online sales training is about to be released, called the Six-Figure Sales Accelerator. I have a new book that is about to be released, called “Sales is NOT a Dirty Word,” and I’m working on a new podcast idea to be released soon, though the name is still up in the air.  

Our new and game-changing content and the platform are now available for corporate sales teams, and with everything happening in the world and vast amounts of salespeople who need to now work from home, this will be an essential and critical tool for companies to be able to use.


“Any final thoughts that you’d like to share?”

The sales training industry is full of charlatans. It’s dominated by internet marketers masquerading as sales trainers. The level of deception, false promises, and unethical behavior are mind-boggling. I don’t believe that the perception of salespeople will ever change based on the nonsense being spewed on social media.

I won’t even go into who these people are, but some of them have already been in federal prison for stealing millions of dollars from unsuspecting investors and families, and others will be in federal prison soon for similar unethical behaviors and real estate Ponzi schemes. It’s time to show people that anyone can be successful in sales by being honest and treating people with respect, not by simply wanting to sell something to everyone who’s breathing.

And enough of the bragging about having an Italian sports car, a trophy wife, or a private jet. I don’t care. How bad do you need your ego stroked? It’s time for a new and fresh face in the industry, and I’m going to be that guy. 

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