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The Future Of Crea Tyler: Exclusive Interview



The Future Of Crea Tyler: Exclusive Interview

Youtube’s favorite disappearing act (as Youtube comedian Cody Ko has called him), Crea Tyler, is no stranger to attention nor controversy. After his infamous “College Dropout” video amassed millions of views and was reacted to by some of the top channels on Youtube, he instantly became an overnight star. And with any stardom, there is bound to be both loves from fans, and hate from critics.

Everyone online was waiting to witness him make his next move after the drama around the massive Hollywood mansion he was living in, where he and his buddies suddenly had to leave, but he disappeared without a trace and hasn’t returned since. The world has had so many unanswered questions…

Well, that is all about to change, for he is finally making his grand return, but there are going to be some massive changes.

I recently sat down with the man, the myth, the legend, Crea Tyler, and got the inside scoop to not only where he has been, but also the magnificent transformation that is about to occur.

Ken: “The world really wants to know, who are you, and what exactly is it that you really do?”

Crea Tyler: “I am Ty, I am a self-taught filmmaker. I mostly direct and edit films. I love to make things. Whether it’s a movie or clothes – Right now I am making clothing through my brand, Utopia (@utopia on Instagram). My primary venture, ©New-Youth-Project (@newyouthproject on Instagram), began to inspire the youth to do what they love and turn that into a lifestyle. I am currently morphing N-Y-P into the ultimate creative hub for people to improve their skills as creatives, communicate with others, learn how to get clients to hire you, and will also include downloadable files and assets that will help any creator improve the quality of their videos (and overall content in general). I get so many messages from people asking how to make money from their content, or how to improve as an artist, so I’ve created a platform for anyone who is in the creative industry.”

Ken: “It seems like you’ve been able to accomplish quite a lot in your career so far, what are some of your most life-changing moments?”

Crea Tyler: “After I dropped out of college in 2016, I started posting to Youtube and my videos started receiving multiple millions of video views, and that’s when I started gaining traction with an online following.

I definitely would have to say my life took the biggest turn when I first went viral in 2016 with a video that happened during an LA Landslide and my friends and I used it as a skatepark, that video received 12,000,000+ views and that’s when I realized it wasn’t as hard as I thought to create something seen by millions. This is what inspired the next video after that, which encouraged kids to think about going the traditional route of the 9-5 vs. the less traditional – dropping of college and ‘living the new way to live.’ I simply wanted to share with the world what it was that I was doing and I want to inspire kids to do the same. Since that happened, I’ve launched a few brands like New Youth Project and UTOPIA. Apart from my brands, I still direct films on commission for some brands like Uber, LG, Bloomingdales, Coachella, Ultra Music Fest and more. I am also about to release a book: titled ‘How To Disappear’.”

Ken: “You must have experienced quite the journey these past few years. What’s the overall timeline of how you got to where you are today?”

Crea Tyler: “Well, I grew up in New England and fast forward to when I was 18, I dropped out of Emerson College in Boston, where I was going for Film and Film Business, and right after dropping out, I moved to LA to pursue my dreams with no money. That same year, I made a video about the landslide in LA that ended up going viral with over 12,000,000+ views. This gave me the confidence that I could make another viral video, so I filmed a video about my story and titled it, ‘College Dropout.’ It also went viral on Youtube and got over 3,000,000 views within a few months. After that video, my life completely changed. It’s what put me on the map. I took a break from Youtube for a while, my last video was over a year ago. In 2020, all that changes. This month I’m returning to Youtube and posting every week. I’m also starting a new clothing brand called Utopia. New Youth Project is turning into the website that I mentioned earlier that will enable creators to make more money doing what they love. I will stop Crea Tyler completely, and change my channel name to CREA. My goal is that when people want to watch something, rather than going to Netflix or TV, they subconsciously and immediately go to CREA on Youtube. I want the quality of CREA videos to be that entertaining and that interesting. This is inspired by channels like Vice or i-D’s channel, focusing less on me and my personal intimacies… But something way bigger than me.”

Ken: “That certainly sounds like an exciting journey. Any advice you’d give to those who are looking to do what it is that you do?”

Crea Tyler: “My advice for anyone who wants to create their own successful brand, or simply do what they want for a living, is first to take risks, especially while young. It’s absolutely necessary. Once you find out what it is that you love to do, do that for the rest of your life. The meaning of life is to find your gift, and the purpose of life is to give it away. Don’t be so formulaic with mapping out the perfect blueprint for how you will make it in life, make sure you’re having fun. That’s the point of doing what you love for a living. If you’re not having fun, what’s the point of doing what you love for a living?”

Ken: “That’s a powerful perspective right there for sure. Now, what can the world expect to see from you in 2020, and when will we finally see new content?”

Crea Tyler: “I’ll be posting a new video very soon, and it will introduce some massive changes to everything that I’ve been doing. I don’t want to give too much away, so if you want to see, you’ll just have to subscribe to my channel in the meantime so that you can get notified the second everything launches! Things are coming, and I can’t wait to start this new chapter.”

It seems that Crea Tyler, or should I now say Ty, is about to once again shake up the online world. Let’s just hope that we don’t have too long.

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