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The Success Anatomy: Interview with 17-year-old Entrepreneur Jayson Dombele



The Success Anatomy: Interview with 17-year-old Entrepreneur Jayson Dombele

It’s commonplace these days to hear about millennials building businesses online and, claiming to be entrepreneurs. 60% of millennials who were surveyed said they are entrepreneurs or are actively involved in building a business. 

The sad truth is that most of these so-called online entrepreneurs don’t know a thing about building a sustainable business. 

Standing out from the others;

A couple of days ago, I got to speak with Jayson Dombele, a 17-year-old entrepreneur, who unlike other young entrepreneurs I’ve met piqued my interest. 

Luck was on our side as Jayson was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions I threw at him. Here’s the conversation we had:


1. Can you tell me a little about yourself?

Well for those that don’t know me I am Jayson Dembele, a 17-year-old entrepreneur, and CEO of The Scaling Sauce, A  Marketing Agency that help clients build personal brands.

We also help small to medium size businesses brand and market their product and service!

I am the author of The Symptom’s Signal, A book which focuses on teaching people how to identify their passion and build an empire while monetizing what they love. 

I am also a Public Speaker! I love sharing business and life insights with my audience and I  always aim to change at least 1 person’s life with my words.

Besides all the business gigs, I love playing video games and soccer!


2. What does your firm, The Scaling Sauce do?

We are a full-service business aimed at creating and scaling brands that are focused on offering the end-consumer a product or a service [as it’s built around honesty and authenticity].

We believe in offering our support to companies that make a positive impact on their customers.

The Scaling Sauce does not only help clients build brands, market products and generate sales we also focus on educating our students on branding through an 8-week mastermind so they don’t have to be customers of a marketing agency again!


3. To what do you attribute your success?

Well, I believe in sharing knowledge with people without making money or profit behind it.

I don’t believe in $999 webinars nor do I believe in having people pay $100+ just to get access to a private Facebook group. The way I was taught how businesses work when I was just starting is what  I teach people today. Those principles, I learned, work. I applied them to my business to get to where I am at now.

I believe in passing on knowledge just like my mentor David Meltzer said!


4. Apart from the scaling sauce, are you building any other business?

Yes, I am! I don’t want to share anything about it at the moment but feel free to check my Instagram @jaysondombele for some sneak peeks!


5. What words of advice would you like to share with other millennials just starting their entrepreneurial journey?

Stop looking at Instagram profiles to motivate you. If an individual has not been in the business for more than ten years don’t put too much of your focus on them.


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