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The Success Anatomy: Interview With Branding Expert Johnny Medina



The Success Anatomy: Interview With Branding Expert Johnny Medina

Branding expert Johnny Medina is living proof that age is not a hindering force when it comes to business. 

In his first three months of online marketing, johnny was able to hit a 5 figure income. This is something most young entrepreneurs only dream of doing.

Recently, I got the opportunity to speak with Johnny and I threw a few questions at him.

Let’s take a look at how this young entrepreneur turned his social media hobby into a full-time career.

1. Tell me a little about yourself?

My name’s Johnny Medina and I’m known for being a branding expert and consultant who’s worked with top celebrities and entrepreneurs -with net worths of over $100 million. 

I’ve learned the fundamental skills needed to deliver exceptional results and I  place customer satisfaction as a top priority for all of my clients. 

2.To what do you attribute your success?

My family. They keep me motivated and, are a constant reminder to me that I should be the best man that I can be. I value being a good person and I always make sure to have a positive outlook on life.

3. What skills do you think anyone who wants to build a personal brand should learn?

For anyone looking to build a personal brand, I would recommend learning how to sell. Sales are the life force of a brand or a business. By working on your selling skills you will be able to do what you love for a living continually. 

4. Give a word of advice to anyone who wants to build a reputable brand?

For someone looking to build a reputable brand, I would recommend a few things;

Pour out value-based content.

These days “perception is a reality”, and for you to be taken seriously, you have to show everyone that you’re worth their time by providing information-rich content that’s pleasing to the eye and can’t be found anywhere else.


Show your audience results 

Everyone wants proof! And a great way to show that you know what you’re doing is by sharing your results or, getting testimonials from your clients.


Keep your customers happy

Keeping your customers happy is a great way to get them to buy from you again. Another great thing about happy customers is that they bring in referrals.



              WARM LEADS = SALES


5. Apart from building brands what else interests you?

I enjoy helping others. I am looking to start an online-marketing mentoring program. This way I can help others acquire a hobby in online marketing that generates income on the side. Some might even turn this side hustle into a full-time gig.


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