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The Success Anatomy: Interview with Confidence Coach Natalie Turner



Natalie Turner

We often hear of people who go through overwhelming circumstances and still come out on top.

Trying times call for tough people…

After surviving a decade of trauma, including an abusive marriage, Natalie Turner defied all odds and has become the confident woman she was meant to be.

The journey of self-discovery wasn’t a smooth one. Just like anyone who has coped with a traumatic experience, Natalie had her ups and downs and she sailed through it.

I had an interview with Natalie a couple of days ago. Here’s our conversation ;

 1.  Can you tell me a little about yourself?

I’m a Connection and Confidence Coach for Millennial women. I help these women learn to trust their intuition instead of listening to what they’re told they “should” do, I also teach them how to heal and release painful emotions. In the end, these women create fulfilling relationships with themselves and others. 

Right now I’m Working on getting certified in breathwork -an incredible method for physical and emotional healing. I work with clients one-on-one, in groups, and on retreats.

Natalie Turner

2. Apart from helping women build confidence in themselves, what else piques your interest?

I take a lot of dance fitness classes – I love to move my body.

But incorporating creativity and choreography make it more meaningful to me.

I’m also a life-long learner- I love learning about biohacking, rewiring the brain, personal finance, romantic relationship dynamics, business and marketing, I could go on and on.

 3. What were the biggest challenges you faced and what is the biggest lesson you’ve learned? how did you overcome them?

The biggest lesson I ever learned came from being betrayed by someone I loved.

Ultimately this ended up showing me that I got into that situation because I betrayed myself – I didn’t listen to my inner guidance,  I acted like I was not worthy of being treated better, and I accepted my situation at the time because it made sense to the people around me.

Once I came to terms with the fact – that I didn’t like my situation- I  took steps to build self-trust, advocate for myself, and radically change my circumstances.

4. What words of advice would you like to share with every millennial woman just starting out?

It sounds cliché, but everything starts with loving and valuing yourself.

Your emotional well-being, your career, your romantic relationship, your friendships – all of these things will fall in place once your inner world is in order. That being said there is nothing wrong with you-You’re not broken.

When you come from a place of growth you can achieve anything you want- without the struggle of not being sure you’re good enough to get it.




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