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The Success Anatomy: Interview with Digital Marketer Isaiah Bjorklund



It’s not every day you hear of a 20-year-old who earns well over $10,000 a month through digital marketing.

Young Isaiah Bjorklund is a digital marketer and the founder of Inferno Agency- an agency that helps firms scale their brand through unique video marketing.

I spoke with Isaiah a few days ago and asked him a few questions about his journey so far… here’s our conversation;


1. Tell me a little about yourself

My name’s Isaiah Bjorklund, I am a digital marketer and the founder of Inferno Agency– A digital marketing agency. The thought of going to college back then didn’t really sit well with me and this mindset drove me to start Inferno Agency. 

Now I help businesses scale their brands through digital marketing, the fun part of it all is watching these brands develop into something amazing!


2. How does your Firm, Inferno  Agency, help businesses, and individuals achieve their marketing goals?

At Inferno Agency, we create unique video marketing campaigns for our clients. We’ve found out that videos get better engagements rates than traditional picture ads – This is why we implement videos in our campaigns. 

We curate videos that are tailored to each clients industry, each of these videos is created based on a consumer’s level on a sales funnel- this ranges from the cold traffic stage to the thank you for your purchase stage. Leveraging Facebook, Instagram and Google ads we filter through consumers who are interested in the products and services our clients offer.

And of course! we don’t dive straight into the market without proper research, each marketing campaign we undertake has a proven strategy that will ensure success.

3. What values and attributes have led to your success?

Isaiah Bjorklund

I always finish whatever task I set out to do- Zero Procrastination is a key factor here. This habit helps me to pay close attention to detail and deliver high-quality results to my clients.

As a kid, I loved sports and participated in sporting events – Training for these sports taught me self- discipline, this has helped me a lot in business. I also look for innovative ways to grow and I follow new trends, I can benefit from, quickly.

4. What words of advice would you like to share with anyone who’s trying to start a business but is facing obstacles?

             Keep Moving forward…

Don’t stop working and keep pushing! You will face a lot of obstacles and experience a lot of failures, each time any of these things happens you should always remember that the benefits at the end outweigh the struggle. 

Ignore what everyone around you is saying and doing and just focus on yourself. Self-discipline and following a routine will take you far in business.


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