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The Success Anatomy: Interview with Entrepreneur Jason Bramble



Jason Bramble

Having gone through a lot of struggle as a kid, Entrepreneur Jason Bramble has shown us that even in the bleakest situations there is still a chance to make something out of your life.

Jason and his brothers were raised alone by their mom-  In a violence driven neighborhood, it seemed like Jason wouldn’t have become the man he’s turned out to be. Today Jason is the co-founder of staiberConsulting, a digital marketing firm which he scaled to six figures in less than a year.

I got a chance to interview Jason a few days ago, it was quite an interesting chat. Here’s our conversation;


1. Tell me a little bit about yourself

My name’s Jason bramble and I’m an innovative entrepreneur. I grew up in Southwest Philadelphia where I was raised alone, with both my brothers, by my mom.

When I hit teenage years my mom decided to move me to my aunt’s house in the suburbs – in hopes to give me a better future, the increasing violence in my neighborhood wasn’t the best for a growing adolescent. Years passed and I went on to graduate from high school. 

My college years were spent in West Chester University where I received a degree in business management. I worked at a marketing agency for 6 years and I took on various positions ranging from digital marketing to operational and enablement roles.

This year my partner and I created a digital marketing/ business consulting firm, StaiberrConsulting, which we scaled to 6 figures.

2. How does your agency help firms ad individuals?

Staiberr Consulting helps Companies and individuals grow their brands through strategic and personalized digital marketing efforts, public relations, content creation, lead generation, and process integrations.

Our goal is to increase brand awareness and maximize ROI for our clients based on their specific needs. These needs vary, it might be better engagement, an increase in qualified leads, enhanced e-commerce efforts or increased revenue.


3. To what do you attribute your success?

Growing up in SouthWest Philadelphia was tough for my family. We didn’t have much to show financially but we always had a sufficient amount every day because my mom worked so hard to provide for us. She would work late nights, sometimes all hours in the night, and even take double shifts just so we could have food on our plates.

I remember times when we didn’t have electricity at home due to unpaid bills and my mom, would light the candles and say it was a scary story night.  Our neighborhood also wasn’t the best place to grow up in- There were nights when our home was riddled with bullets. I couldn’t sleep near windows as a kid because of the fear of bullets penetrating the glass.

I could go on for days with stories of my childhood, but in all those experiences one thing that I’ve found to be true in my life is that no mentor, no online course, and no seminar or event can match the hunger and desire coming from the struggle I’ve been through. 


There is beauty in every struggle…

The best advice I received was that there is beauty in every struggle. And this is something I remind myself of daily. If I didn’t grow up experiencing those difficulties  I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

I’ve seen a lot of friends and family members die in the short time I’ve lived on this earth and no matter how heartbreaking it is, I wouldn’t operate the way I do today if I didn’t fully understand that we live on borrowed time and that everything we know of today can be gone in the blink of an eye.

Back in college, my best friend got killed when he was hit by a car on his commute to work. Losing people was a common occurrence for me but my Best Friend getting killed changed my life forever.

I remember how we would discuss what we aspired to be when we grew up, the businesses we would start together, the cars we wanted to drive. One thing always struck me about my friend- No matter how crazy or impossible my ideas were he would always say ” You can do it”. He always believed in me.

I have a lot of things that motivate me to be an entrepreneur but it all boils down to me refusing to let the cards I’ve dealt determined how I play the hand. I want to give my family the life they deserve and I’ve promised myself that my kids would never have to grow up experiencing the same difficulties I faced.

4. There are a lot of young entrepreneurs out there if you had one piece of advice for them what would it be?

Focus on daily self-improvement. So many young individuals ( Myself included) set goals on materialistic or monetary values – this leads to the shiny object syndrome. This syndrome makes young people skip the necessary steps to achieve success.

All you need to do is focus on developing good habits and improving little by little each day. You could always reach me on my social media handles

Instagram: jbramble23

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