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The Success Anatomy: Interview with FilmMaker Connor Miller



Connor Miller

In the 19th century, Cafes in Paris served as a place where individuals gathered to talk about politics, literature, and paintings.

 In the corner of the Cafe, a group of young artists would come together to share their dreams and aspirations with the world through art. They dreamt big without restrictions. 

Their dreams included becoming professional artists and getting their works accepted and displayed. However, these young artists faced rejection from the majority of the art community.

 Regardless of the level of rejection faced, young artists like Renoir and Monet didn’t give up, and now their artwork is displayed in famous museums in Paris and around the world.

 There are few individuals who have the grit and ambition required to achieve what the impressionists did and one of them is Connor Miller.

 Connor Miller is a filmmaker, and I recently had the opportunity to interview him. Here’s the outcome of the interview.

Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

My name is Connor Miller and I am 26 years old. I was a heroin addict who got clean from drugs four years ago and since then, I have not looked back. 

I co-founded a 50 million dollar logistics business with my father 2 years ago and now I am in the process of teaching myself how to be a filmmaker. 

What has been your greatest source of inspiration?

My greatest source of inspiration has been gratitude. The amount of gratitude I have for even having the opportunity to wake up every day is what keeps me going. 

To what do you attribute your success?

I attribute my success to a lot of things, but the major ones include patience, persistence, and always staying humble.

Any word of advice to Millenials who are interested in becoming Filmmakers?

If you’re interested in being a filmmaker, there’s one thing you need to understand. 

You should never be the guy who knows everything, those people never win at the end. Instead, be the guy who tries to learn something new in every situation 

What is your favorite quote in the world?

“You’re gonna die” – Garyvee.

This is my favorite quote because I believe it’s the most motivational thing someone can ever hear, at the end of that statement brings the question. what are you going to do while you’re alive? 

You can check out Connor Miller on IG,