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The Success Anatomy: Interview with Life Coach and Wellness Expert Lauren Zoeller



Lauren Zoeller

Lauren Zoeller is a certified Life and Business Transformation Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Podcast Host.

Recently, I got the chance to interview Lauren Zoeller and she had a lot to say regarding ditching burnout, finding a purpose, and making money.

Here’s our conversation:


1. Tell me a little about yourself and what you do.

I am a certified Life and Business Transformation Coach, Motivational Speaker and Podcast Host. I help high achievers ditch burnout, find purpose and make money to live the life of a #BalancedBoss. 

I am the creator of the Four Step Transformational Mindset Process™, a cutting edge coaching system that elicits lasting change to overcome burnout and avoid a misdiagnosed clinical disorder, and Balanced Boss Academy™, a learning platform that teaches entrepreneurs how to build and scale a business with heart. 

My own story of overcoming diagnosed depression and anxiety through natural solutions has led me to a passionate place where I advocate for a non-pharmaceutical approach to life and business. 

I am the President and CEO of Lauren Zoeller Coaching, as well as the founder and host of The Balanced Boss Podcast, a show that interviews high achievers who are following their dreams and staying healthy in the process. 

I have been featured in international publications such as Prevention, Shape, Business Insider, Total Beauty, Thrive Global, Goalcast, Money Inc., Healthline, Greatist and more. 

I currently live in Nashville, Tennessee with my sweet Persian cat, Ellie and when I am not coaching, you can find me traveling, speaking and leading workshops to promote my ultimate message of living a healthy, successful, unmedicated life.



2. What inspired you to be a life coach and wellness expert.

As a young girl, I was told I was different, that I looked like a boy and that no one would like me. I was taller and more mature than my friends and because of bullying, I lived in a constant state of unworthiness. Acceptance is what I craved, so I went where I could easily find it: I started performing. I found that when I was dancing, singing, or in front of an audience, I could take on a story other than my own. 

The inability to accept my story led me to perform in every area of my life, both on and off the stage. This constant pretending led me to a deep, dark place in my early twenties and I started making personal choices that were unsafe and unhealthy. I surrounded myself with people that I knew was not the influencers I needed in my life. 

After hitting my breaking point, I began therapy, and through conversation, I realized that the dark place I was in needed light. I immediately said farewell to the toxic lifestyle and relationships, and I kept the people in my life that truly loved me for who I was. I surrendered to something bigger than myself. The world became full of life again. 

Yoga helped me find peace and connect to myself and finding a life coach helped me uncover my importance and purpose in the world. It was through the work of both that I discovered I had a story to tell. I knew that the constant performing of my past was a mask I was using to keep myself from loving who I was put on this earth to be. 

My ultimate goal as a coach is to give people access to healing, as it healed me and to help them find their purpose to live a life they love living. Life is way too short not to be lived.


3. Tell me a little more about what you do at the Balanced Boss Academy 

Balanced Boss Academy teaches individuals how to build a business with a heart on their own terms. I am a true believer that when you are living your purpose, abundance is a natural result. 

Balanced Boss Academy is the roadmap that took me from a broke girl with a dream to a girl living her dream in full abundance. 

Often times, we pass on our dreams because we cannot figure out a way to “make money” doing what we love. Balanced Boss Academy crushes that limiting belief and shows you how to live the life you never thought was possible. 


4. What advice would you like to share with individuals who are struggling with finding their purpose?

This is the entire focus of the first module of the Balanced Boss Academy for a reason! You cannot live a fulfilled life unless you are rooted in purpose, and the place to start is to look at your impact on the world. 

Often we get caught up in what we think our purpose should “look like” when in reality, we are already living our purpose, we just need to put words to how we are showing up. Your purpose is rooted in the impact you have on others.

Take a look around you. Ask the people close to you how you have impacted their life. From there, you can take the words they use to discover your purpose. 


5. What are your hobbies?

Yoga, trail running, spending time with my sweet Persian cat, Ellie, traveling, cooking and spending quality time with friends and family! 


6. What’s the ultimate advice you’d give to your younger self.

“Regardless of what happens to you, you are always taken care of and you were put on this earth for a reason. Keep letting go.”

Connect with Lauren Zoeller on Instagram: @Laurenzoeller