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The Success Anatomy: Interview with Life Coach Magdalena Kalley



The Success Anatomy: Interview with Life Coach Magdalena Kalley

After having her dream shattered by a severe knee accident Magdalena Kalley has recovered from years of desolation and loneliness and, today, sails through life as a coach who helps people out of depressing situations.

Magdalena turned her life around through the use of therapy techniques such as hypnosis and, today, she does the same for all her clients.

I got to speak with Maggie a few days ago and asked her a few questions. Here’s our conversation;


1. Can you tell me a little about yourself?

My name’s Magdalena Kalley, I’m a 32-year old life coach who was born and raised in Germany. 

I used to be a professional dancer up until 2007 when a serious knee accident ended my career. 

Because of this, I had to go through numerous therapy sessions. Despite the fact I attended therapy a lot I still didn’t feel a hundred percent. A step in the right direction, for me, came when I discovered new therapy methods such as self-help, coaching, and hypnosis.


Through coaching and hypnosis, I got to know myself a lot better- I learned how to become the best version of myself and to live life to the fullest no matter the obstacles I face.

2. What values and principles helped you pull through when you chose to live on your terms?

After 5 Intense years in a crazy marriage, I got divorced last year.  Again I found myself in a situation where I felt helpless and lonely. But this time was different, I reminded myself of the values I learned from years of therapy- How short life is and how we shouldn’t waste a day feeling helpless in this beautiful world. 

” There’s so much love around us,” I tell this to all my clients. We need to open our hearts and let love and meaningful connections flow through. Nothing else can give you the strength that lies in genuine love and friendship. Not money, not fame.

Lucky for me, my friends helped me push through those trying periods.


3. How do you help people break free from their old routine and reach their true potential?

Most people get “comfortable in an uncomfortable situation”. Getting out of your comfort zone is the first exercise I undergo with my clients. It’s also the most important.

Sometimes you have to change your lifestyle completely. Getting rid of bad influences or “friends” that discourage you is a solution I recommend.

I make use of various techniques and therapy methods such as Neuro-Linguistics Programming( N.L.P), Hypnosis, guided meditation and recirculation to achieve this.

I often see my clients blame themselves for their mishaps but the truth is that their current situation isn’t their fault. Their environment plays a big role. We are connected to everything, that’s why it’s important to be surrounded by the right people with the right vibe.

As a life coach, I don’t see the client as what they are currently. I see their future potential. That’s the goal- getting them to reach their full potential and living a fulfilling life.


4. What words of advice do you have for anyone who wants to live on their terms but can’t find the motivation to do so?

In my sessions with clients, I find out about their past, their relationships with parents and friends, their goals and aspirations- where they want to be and what’s stopping them from achieving their dreams.

One major problem in our society today is that we are told to set “realistic” goals, a realistic goal is no longer a goal but a plan.

We tend to forget that a real goal is a vision, a dream that seems impossible, Something incredible you want to accomplish- with this mindset you can achieve success in life.

Understanding that you are worth a lot is a big confidence booster. People often confuse confidence for arrogance. If you’re confident and aware of your talents any dream is possible to achieve.

You deserve the best- settling for less because others tell you to do so is out of the option.

Society will try to clip your wings, you will hear phrases like ” Stay in line” and  “why not do what everyone else is doing?” a lot. I’m against that kind of ideology. I support the ideology of breaking out of old habits, leaving your comfort zone and setting out on new adventures in life.

We only have one life and we have to make it count. We all deserve a chance to be seen, loved and supported. Whatever your dreams are you will achieve them- I, your friends and your family will help you do so.


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