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The Success Anatomy: Interview with Tech Youtuber Fisayo Fosudo



Fisayo Fosudo

Fisayo Fosudo is a 23-year-old tech YouTuber who’s known for his unique approach to consumer-electronics based videos and, turtleneck fashion.

Fisayo began uploading videos 3 years ago and with a subscriber base of over 40, 000 today he has achieved nothing but success.

I spoke with Fisayo a couple of days ago concerning his Journey as a tech YouTuber so far,  without #fodaAdu here’s the interview;

Can you tell me a little about yourself and what you do?

My name is Fisayo Fosudo and I’d like to describe myself as a visual storyteller. I’m a tech video producer- basically, I make video reviews about smartphones, accessories, apps and mobile technology on YouTube. 

I began uploading mobile tech videos on YouTube in 2016 and since then I’ve been able to give value – in terms of products reviews, info and purchase advice- to more than 40,000 subscribers on my channel and over 40 companies,  I’ve done all these in less than 3 years of making videos. 


What values and principles have led to your success on YouTube?

I prioritize quality visuals and, presenting the right information to my audience in a very detailed and engaging way. These take a lot of effort to achieve in terms of planning a video, doing research, filming, editing and presenting the final edit. 

It takes at least 12 hours to produce a single video- a few hours of research goes into each project before I start filming and editing. Because of this, I’ve added motion control/ motorized tools to help take more dynamic shots for my videos. 

I’m looking to incorporate robotic cameras in my videos if I get the chance.


What motivates you to keep pushing out quality videos on YouTube?

I’ve always dreamed of creating content about mobile technology, this dates back to when I was just a 17-year-old. I drew and sold comics before university and once I gained admission I created designs for numerous firms and friends, this was my main source of income.

Creating graphics heightened my passion for technology – I became interested in storytelling, my computer and my art were my tools.

After a while I figured out that with videos I could tell better stories, So I took my year’s savings which amounted to over $5000 at the time (excluding exorbitant custom duties) and invested it on video gear.

Every opportunity I’ve gotten- and I will get- I see as a new way to give someone value. As far as one person gains something or comes off better after watching, I’m happy and I think that is what pushes me to get better at what I do- curating YouTube videos.


Which YouTuber do you look up to/ Who’s your mentor?

I look up to a lot of creators in the YouTube space. For tech-based videos, creators like Arun Maini who runs the MrwhosTheboss Channel- also the largest YouTube Tech creator in the UK- is someone I admire. I’m also glad to have collaborated with him in one of my videos.

I also give huge props to Marques Brownlee ( MKBHD on YouTube). His growth on YouTube is so inspiring and as a black person, he’s someone I look up to.


What words of advice would you like to share with individuals who want to pursue a career in YouTube content creation?

Go ahead and get started, don’t set your eyes on the money, Instead let passion be your driving force. I would also recommend trying new ideas- don’t mimic other creators, however, you should look up to and gain inspiration from them.

Patience and consistency should be your virtues, apply these and watch your audience grow!


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