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The Success Anatomy- Interview with the Godfather of Instagram, Tony Pec



Tony Pec

You would think the man with a billion-dollar network would spend his days having fun in the sun- Tony Pec or the Godfather of Instagram, as he’s commonly called, has proved us wrong.

3 years ago Tony set out on a journey of Self-Improvement, driven by the desire to become successful and impact a billion lives.

I spoke with Tony a few days ago and asked him a few questions concerning his journey so far and how he has been able to leverage his knowledge of Instagram branding to help firms and industries win big on the social network.


1. You’re an Inspiring man to a lot of people, can you tell me a little about yourself?

My name is Tony Pec and I’m a 25-year-old digital Mogul. I was born and raised in the Bronx, New York and  I’ve spent the last three years establishing myself as a Branding expert and Instagram Guru. 

My proficiency has earned me the nickname ” The Godfather of Instagram”.  I’ve leveraged my follower base of over 40,000 people to start a social media marketing agency- I’m the co-founder of Y Not You Media, a New-York based Multimedia Company that has proudly partnered with over 300 unique clients. Our staff base comprises 12 innovative employees. 

Using my expertise, I’ve helped businesses in every industry to establish their presence, vision, and mission.  I’ve exchanged views with firms and offered my input in their daily operations to help them realize their business goals, these goals range from an increase in revenue to better customer satisfaction.

I achieved these by driving more attention to their business through Instagram and of course, quality content and a well thought out branding strategy.

My Business is my life and I am proud to have self -published two books. The first teaches you to leverage Instagram growth strategies, the second book I published talks about the power of branding and how to make use of it.


2. How does your business ” Y Not You Media ” help clients?

We help clients become authorities in their respective industries by growing their Instagram page and attracting real followers- this helps boost their reach and generates more leads and sales.   

We also create quality content for our clients- this differentiates them from the rest of the competition – paired with a unique branding strategy that determines exactly what content would work perfectly for their industry and generate leads.


3. It takes a lot for someone to achieve your level of success. To what do you attribute your win?

I’m not the smartest, I’m not the most talented, I’m not the best looking and I’m not the most experienced, what I am is hardworking. I attribute my success to consistent early mornings and late nights for the past couple of years. 

The sacrifices I make daily won’t cross the minds of most individuals my age- This is what separates me from the crowd. I give up short term pleasures to achieve my long term goals.


4. As the Godfather of Instagram, what words of advice do you have for anyone just starting a business on Instagram?

Instagram has become more than just a social platform, it’s now a media outlet. Most people start Instagram marketing with no strategy in mind and expect a business boom.

Unfortunately, the saturation on Instagram coupled with ever-changing algorithms makes it near impossible to grow your Instagram page yourself. It is important to consult professionals who know how to effectively create and leverage brands on Instagram to grow a business.

Instagram: tonypec_

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