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The World’s Markets May Be In Disarray, But Two Entrepreneurs are Trading In a New Currency: Followers



London Summers and Ryan Pownall

Introducing London Summers and Ryan Pownall, the co-founders of Social Giveaways. Social Giveaways is a company that delivers one thing: social media growth. The team manages global celebrity marketing campaigns, offering exclusive opportunities to influencers and brands to gain worldwide exposure through organic growth.

The competitive landscape of social media marketing doesn’t phase the company’s executive team.  Their perspective is that competition doesn’t exist. They went on to elaborate on that statement; explaining that everyone’s product offering is different in some form and the tools are constantly evolving. The competition is within the organization itself, maintaining an intense focus on adapting to the future and adding new services and infrastructure as required. Trying to keep pace with the competition is futile when algorithms, technology, and fickle consumer attention shifts constantly. The corporate zen philosophy is to focus on only what is in their direct control; providing the highly coveted attention on social media. The key to the agency’s success has been from keeping their finger on the pulse of the culture as it continues to look to scale its product offering to whichever way the market shifts.

Initially, it was a bit difficult to convince clients to spend their precious marketing dollars when there is no direct correlation on ROI that can be tabulated. By using their own personal brands as examples of what Social Giveaways can do for its clients, they grossed over a quarter-million dollars in revenue in the companies first 7 weeks of infancy. Both London (@londonsummers on Instagram) and Ryan (@itsryanpownall on Instagram) individually boast successful personal brands that include a large social following, consistent press across media outlets, among other forms of an online presence.

Social Giveaways is on track to win awards throughout the next couple of years as one of the fastest-growing agencies while establishing itself as the premier personal branding agency. Their focus is on the main aspects of what an online personal brand should entail; which is good content and branded articles. Ryan reiterated several times that anyone who wants to be in business for the next 5+ years has to establish an elite social media presence. His reasoning was that our phones are fast becoming the baseline of where all cultural influences are shared and it is where all the attention currently is and will indefinitely be found.

The core value proposition of the agency is to help brands grow their digital footprint. Creating, building, and investing in relationships have always been the priority, the network will only grow moving into the future.

Throughout the interview the duo decided to each take turns to answer the questions to see how ‘like-minded’ they were. They revealed after to me that they enjoy testing each other and view competition with each other and everyone else as a game to keep them sharp and hungry. They want to be in sync and run things like a well-oiled machine, being able to trust each other to speak on the other’s behalf is a level of business compatibility that some partners can only dream of achieving.

How do you stay connected to your customers during this time of isolation given that you cannot hop on a plane, catch an Uber or just walk into your client’s offices and grab a cup of coffee?

“We built this company during the initial Covid-19 pandemic, so it was easy to be proactive in our approach to make the entire customer experience online. Keep in mind we are selling an entirely digital service, we do love the face to face approach but it isn’t a necessity to our businesses’ survival.  Plus the vast majority of our customers we connected with are referrals or found through various social channels like Instagram, Tik Tok, etc.” – London

What keeps you motivated during this time of quarantine?

“To be honest we are both already naturally motivated people, we have lazy days like anyone else, but lately we are simply feeling blessed and privileged to have work in our current economic climate. Millions of people lost their jobs, so it must be considered a privilege to even be able to put in work. We chose to adopt that mindset to fuel us to get up early and work until late.” – Ryan

How difficult has managing a work-life balance been in this circumstance?

“For us, it’s been all work, I mean who doesn’t have the time right now? We feel this is an opportunity to focus, double down, and really build. With the world on hold, it’s an advantage to be able to press play when everyone is stuck on pause. We truly believe this is the best time for businesses to migrate onto digital platforms and form new digital strategies. We will be there to help navigate them through that process.” – London

What are some of the challenges you have had to overcome working remotely?

The loss of face to face connection is a major thing. I know we said we can still work but there are times when this lockdown has proven problematic. There is something you can’t replicate over facetime when it comes to that energy exchange of meeting someone in the flesh. It is also a hard sell to ask for copious amounts of money to be exchanged via the internet for a product that isn’t tangible. But our authenticity is our key to longevity if you screw over anyone that is trying to grow their socials… best believe they are going to try and crucify you online. Without credibility, our brand and business die. We don’t take those kinds of risks. After we got the first few happy clients the problems have shifted from not having enough clients to not having enough talent to sell slots for!” – Ryan

Who are some of your notable clients?

“We have had the pleasure of working with Dan Bilzerian and all his brands including ignite. One of our favorite brands we worked with is Flow Water which just received investments from Post Malone and Shawn Mendes. We are excited about the future, we know everyone wants followers and everyone wants to be verified… we are selling dreams and a legal release of dopamine. I have never seen anything move this fast before, we really thought it was going to be harder than it was to sell out our first giveaway.” – London

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