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Two Tips To Help You Lose Weight: Austin Bagshaw



Austin Bagshaw

Who is Austin Bagshaw?

Austin: I grew up in small-town America with a high school class size of 180. I golfed competitively for 10 years and played on the Eastern Kentucky University men’s golf team for all four years of college. 

Growing up I had about a million things go wrong with me medically. I had a 12-year misdiagnosis with chronic inflammation in my elbows and countless other surgeries. I got tired of seeing doctors after 12 years. After high school, I decided I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, making fitness and health a part of my life.

In my junior year of college, I decided I wanted to chase my passion. I wanted to build a community and impact as many people as I possibly could. I joined the World Street Workout and Calisthenics Foundation Academy to become a Certified Personal Trainer. I did not want to be tied down to one location, so I looked into online training. I continued to invest in myself by joining the Impact Fitness Coaching Academy created by Erin Diamond and Jordan Dugger, two very successful Online Fitness Trainers. 


What Does Austin Do?

Austin: I am a certified IFCA trainer, and have my own downloadable Fitness App called AB Calisthenics. I created a 12-week workout and nutritional programs for my clients, to track their caloric intake and workouts. I customize each program to my client’s needs. I offer the accountability people need in order to make a real change in their lives! 

Calisthenics is an exercise that consists of a variety of movements performed with minimal equipment or just your body weight. It exercises large muscle groups, by the end you will have done a full-body workout. Calisthenics is good for traveling, if you don’t have any equipment or for when you are just starting out.


Tips To Help You Lose Weight:

  • Caloric Maintenance: Your caloric maintenance is calculated by using an online calorie calculator. They are free and easy to use! ⁣
      1. Pro Tip: Subtract 100 calories from what the calculator gives you. When tracking food, it is very hard to have a high amount of accuracy in the number of calories you are consuming. This trick helps you stay in a deficit! ⁣
  • Caloric Deficit: A caloric deficit is consuming fewer calories than you burn in a day. Keeping your caloric intake in a deficit will help you lose weight. 
    1. Pro Tip: Start with being anywhere from 100-200 calories less than your maintenance. ⁣

This process is more sustainable and you will start to understand your consumption more. The last thing you want to do is lose a great amount of weight and gain it back just as fast! ⁣


Advice For Anyone Looking Into Calisthenics:

Austin: Have the right gear and tell yourself it will be a journey. Progress takes time but working at it every day will lead to results.

Seek help and educate yourself. Nutrition is 80% of the battle when it comes to achieving your ideal body.

Read as many books as you can. I send “The War of Art” to all my clients because it helps people realize that the only person holding them back from achieving their goals is themselves.

You can get a hold of Austin on Instagram (@austinbagshaw) or Facebook. If you don’t have social media, you can email

Samantha Coppage is 23 years old from Scottsdale, Arizona.