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Vance Fundora Reveals How Anyone Can Succeed In The Modern Entrepreneurial Race



Vance Fundora Reveals How Anyone Can Succeed In The Modern Entrepreneurial Race

Vance Fundora is a digital marketer and the founder of Fundora Enterprises, a digital marketing agency that helps firms scale their brand through tailored marketing solutions.

Some time ago, Vance and I discussed how he was able to create a full-service marketing agency by observing certain values and principles. Here’s the interview;


How did you Surpass the challenges that came your way?

On my journey to success, I faced a lot of obstacles. 

Racism was one of the many problems that I faced during my journey, along with mockery and deceit from people I held dearly. It happens, it’s life, and the only thing I can do is move forward.

I was also able to swim through the storms that would come up at several junctions in my life by staying laser-focused and acknowledging the fact that facing adversity is normal in any career path.


How do you push through Anxiety?

I acknowledge and understand what anxiety is, and by definition, it’s the body’s natural response to stress. 

Stress is completely natural, and everyone deals with it, even other species, at every level in life. I mentally don’t fight it, I accept it, and I adjust my course from the source of stress and continue. To me, it’s always been simply because I’ve conditioned my mind to deal with the anxiety that way.


How will you continue to grow and succeed?

What’s gotten me to where I am today has been continuous learning, growth, and development. 

It’s been constant adaptation, regular collaborations, and continuous investing in myself, in my business and my future with pure focus and 100% conviction that the life of my dreams is attainable. 

Further growth, success, and development will stem from me doubling-down on everything that’s gotten me to where I am today. Of course, with improved strategies, better resources, and more confidence in myself.


What keeps you motivated?

Reading rags to riches stories from Entrepreneurs, Athletes, Families, Artist, and Celebrities who’ve built their empires, businesses, and wealth without any of the resources we have in the modern world.

Then believing with 100% conviction, I’m ultimately in control of my fate and destiny. When I combine that conviction with the number of resources at my disposals such as the Internet, Social Media, and a cell phone, in 2020, my dreams feel a lot more attainable, and that keeps me pushing. 

I’ve burned my boats, I’m all in, and I’ve given myself no outs. I’m in survival mode, and I’m here to take the island.


What are your main tips to achieve success in any aspect of life, such as business and relationships?

To achieve success in any aspect of life, you need to be completely obsessed, extremely disciplined, be able to make decisions quickly, and willing to sacrifice a lot.

It needs to be almost pathological for you to want to succeed. Burn your boats, go all in, and give yourself no outs. One of my favorite quotes is from Tony Robbins; it goes this way;

“If you want to take the island, burn your boats, and you will take the island, people who are willing to die to succeed tend to succeed. Most of us give ourselves outs; that’s why we don’t have what we want.”

If that’s “too extreme” for you, then you’ve already lost.


What qualities do you recommend as an entrepreneur?

Well, there are two qualities that I think every entrepreneur should have; the first would have to be the ability to get back up after being knocked several times.  In Entrepreneurship, you’ll face a lot of criticism and days. During those periods, it’s what you do and how you react that will determine whether you will achieve success.

Another thing I recommend would be leadership. You should learn how to lead and delegate. As an entrepreneur, you’ll be charged with leading a lot of people, these people are who will make your goals and vision a reality. 


What Business Principles do you hold dearly?

I believe in the satisfaction of my clients over anything else. As the adage goes, the customer is always right. Therefore, I make myself available as often as necessary in order to attend to them. My team also views this in the same light.


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