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Vlad Rus, Romanian internetpreneur is taking the Facebook by the storm



Rus Vlad

Recently, an interesting page focused on motivation, self-improvement, and Education on Facebook caught my attention. A Romanian guy, namely Vlad Rus, is the founder of a social media page called ‘Knowledge Is Power’. I was impressed with the fact that within 3 years, this guy garnered millions of followers on this page amoung others. However, I was more curious to know how Vlad did this. Because, I know, how difficult it is to engage people on our social media platforms.

Here is the interview with the man itself – Vlad Rus.

Please introduce yourself to us?

My name is Vlad Rus, I am a young entrepreneur from Romania and I am 28 years old. I live in a beautiful city from the heart of Transilvania, Cluj Napoca, with my lovely wife, our newborn daughter and a very lazy English bulldog.


What is the combined strength of your pages on Facebook?

My facebook pages “never sleep” and always try to deliver quality content. Right now I’m working with my wife for a video collection that will be posted in the near future, which I hope that will make the facebook page stronger. The total strength of my pages is around 10 million on Facebook.


When did the idea of starting a Facebook page come in your mind?

I worked using facebook pages from the beginning, but my audience was from Romania, from 2014 to 2017 I took a break, because I had a quiz website popular all around the world, but after facebook cut the reach for those type of websites I started the “Knowledge Is Power” project, which I want to get is as high as I can.


What kind of problems you faced during the journey of ‘Knowledge Is Power’?

In my opinion, the biggest problem is that there is no dedicated support for the content creator. Since 2017 when I started this page, I had a lot of problems because of the bots, they don’t see the situation clearly and we don’t have a chance to speak with a real person to clarify the problem and we wait a lot of time for the restrictions to disappear.


What did you do to get rid of those problems?

Patience is the best word to describe how I got over those problems. In some situations, I was helped by people from the ads support, because you find people who want to help even if they don’t have to, but in general, you wait for the restrictions to disappear and you plan your next move.


How do you manage your time?

80%  of the “Knowledge Is Power” project is managed at night after my family is asleep. During the day I work on other project and of course, I spend time with my family because is very important for me. A very important thing is that at the video production for “Knowledge Is Power” I work with my wife and I advise others to do the same, to choose the people that help them evolve, not people who drag them down.


What gets you out of bed in the morning i.e what’s your source of motivation?

Since I was little I didn’t like the idea of working on a schedule and what I do now offers me the possibility to choose when and how I want to work. For me this is the best motivation, to be my own boss on my own time.


Have you considered any alliance/partnership?

I have some partnerships between my page and other important pages, but I think that the most important thing is to create your own brand. This is the next step for me, and I hope that through the future video production to define the ‘Knowledge Is Power’ brand, to make it stronger and to make my presence felt on Facebook.


What are the strengths and weaknesses of your online presence?

I believe that my best quality in this field is that I had a lot of ideas which after were finalized, gone viral and at the same time my biggest flaw is that I start working on too many ideas, some of them get done and some are abandoned or get done too late, I would say that I’m a messy guy.

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