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What This Former TV Star Taught Me About Happiness & Financial Freedom



Clayton Morris

Passive income has proven to be a good way to ensure financial stability in the long term. Nonetheless, not many people know how to earn passive income. Former FOX News Anchor, Clayton Morris, is one of the few that knows how.

Clayton left one of the most known cable news show in the world after achieving financial freedom. For him, being able to find stability and certainty in his finances had always been a priority since he was a child.

At age 13, Clayton saw his dad unexpectedly lose his job. Ever since then he had a fear about money and always knew there had to be a more entrepreneurial way of creating wealth. He got into purchasing performing assets to secure a future for his family so they didn’t have to go through the same financial pain as he did growing up.

“When my dad lost his job, I was just a kid. As a one-income family, it was really scary for a while. My dad eventually got another job, and everything worked out fine in the end. But that was a scary time for everyone. Flash forward a few decades, and I’m working a dream job for a major network as a news anchor. I’m making great money, but I’m always worried. What if I lose my contract? What if the show gets canceled? What if, what if, what if… That’s when I started learning about investment in rental real estate.” Clayton shares.

By age 40, Clayton had built as much passive income as he was making in his 9 to 5 job. So he decided to quit and never looked back. After years of building his own passive income, he decided to launch the Financial Freedom Academy, in order to help others learn what he knew.

Through his academy, Clayton now devotes himself to helping others build passive income and achieve financial freedom too, using the methods he had to learn the hard way. Some of these methods he learned through reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. After some failures, he has learned how to build a meaningful life, and frequently shares these lessons on his top-rated podcast, Investing in Real Estate with Clayton Morris. Not only has he grown his own passive income, but now Kiyosaki is also his close friend.

“Now I’m pinching myself that he’s a good friend who will just call me on a Saturday to talk and see how I’m doing. He was the first person to show me that the rich buy performing assets like real estate and poor people buy liabilities. If you can understand that simple concept then everything else is meaningless.” Clayton says.

It is particularly rewarding to be apart of the Financial Freedom Academy or simply to listen to Clayton’s podcast, given that he uses his explanation skills that he acquired from years of working as a news anchor dissecting complex news. In addition, he draws on his experience as CEO of Morris Invest, a real estate company with the vision: “We find, fix, fill and manage great properties while you see amazing returns on your investment.”

After years of experience, Clayton can reflect on important failures, such as when a contractor partner stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from his real estate company, Morris Invest. This person not only lied and swindled Clayton’s company but also others.

“I was publicly shamed for having believed in this guy. But I got up and made tremendous changes to our company so that this would never happen again. Now our company has grown and risen to new heights. I had to go through this in order to grow. I learned that without challenges we can’t grow.” Clayton shares.

Having overcome many challenges, Clayton is convinced that great leadership is key to overcoming challenges. He also believes that great leadership starts with listening. He says he would rather be the quiet one at a meeting learning from his amazing employees.

“Leaders listen and adjust,” he states.

In addition, Clayton sees good business deals as scenarios where everyone benefits, a win-win. He does not think that one-sided deals ever work. “I’d rather make a small profit if I know everyone at the table is elevated by the deal,” he claims. In his real estate company, this translates to the contractor, the tenant, the owner and the property manager all benefiting from a deal.

As a family man, Clayton’s success also depends on having a healthy routine. For him, being disconnected from his phone in the mornings is key. He also spends minutes journaling, meditation and focusing on goals and reflections.

“Right now I am working on two new businesses that are just getting off the ground. I am also focused on growing Morris Invest by 15-20% in the new year.” Clayton adds.

Having accomplished so much, Clayton wants to be remembered for his personal legacy. He wants to be able to do the things that make him happy, such as having a cup of coffee and daydreaming. And he wants this to rub off on his kids.

After years of daydreaming of moving to Portugal once he had achieved financial freedom, Clayton finally did it this year. As a result, his family has grown closer, they eat amazing seafood, drink cheap and amazing wine, and continue to build their seven-figure businesses. To follow his journey, go here.