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Yvng Leaf: Philadelphias Biggest Up Coming Artist



Yvng Leaf: Philadelphias Biggest Up Coming Artist

Today I had the opportunity to sit down with Yvng Leaf, A 16-year-old up & coming artist out of King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania & interview him about his background, his inspirations, what he’s up to now & where he sees himself headed in the future. Leaf exceeded the expectations of his friends, family, his haters, and even his engineer Thomas from Rotation Records who has seen his potential from the start, he’s recently been featured on Worldstar & Lil Pumps top picks playlist, he’s amassed over 3.8 million streams on Soundcloud alone in just 48  hours and is now scheduled to go on tour with Lil Lake. If you haven’t heard of Leaf yet, get used to hearing his name because Leaf World has just begun.

Yvng Leaf you’ve been making some big movements with your music career this last year, what does it feel like to finally see some results after so much hard work?

“It feels pretty good but like there’s a lot more accomplishments I have to do in the future and shout out to all my fans for helping me get to where I am now and I know we gonna keep going because we have something special going on I know no one else has”.

What was your childhood like, did you always want to be an artist?

“My early childhood was pretty normal I just liked nature a lot more than normal kids and was always at camps in the woods and then when i got in middle school around like 6th grade I started taking an interest in music because I always battled with anxiety and depression and music was like one of my coping methods me, my brother and our friends always used for fun. I wanted to make music for people and help with their problems and who were going through everyday problems like I did and help deal with it the same way I did through music”.

What was your biggest struggle to getting to where you are now?

“Self-confidence, I always knew people talking down on me was just a way to make them feel better about themselves and I knew if I kept going I could be something special with my music. Now that I’ve been developing my sound I’m able to be fully myself with all the music stuff”.

How did you overcome that obstacle?

“I kept making music and I heard myself getting better and I knew I had to go to an official studio and make high quality sounding music and start to build up a team to be successful”.

Who are the biggest influencers/role models in your life?

“Lil Uzi Vert , Lil Peep, xxxtentacion, Chance The Rapper,  and the Beatles”.

What’s your favorite types of music and top 3 artists?

“I like alternative hip-hop and classic rock and one of my favorite bands are Metric, but I just like the music I can relate to and sounds good that can be any genre. My top 3 artists are Lil Uzi Vert,  Juice Wrld, and Lil Jumex”.

What’s Your Biggest Motivator, Why Do You Do What You Do?

“My biggest motivator is to help people cope with their problems and spread positivity and support my family and prove the people wrong who doubted me in the past, and I also like a lot of females”.

You Recently Blew Up On Soundcloud Amassing Over 3,800,000 Plays In Just 48 Hours, You Were Just Featured In Worldstar As Well, How Did You Do It?

“Fire music, great management and the best fan base I could ever ask for”.

Where Would You Like To See Yourself in 5 years?

“Chilling in my mansion in Amsterdam or The Hills looking out a rooftop in my jacuzzi with multiple platinum plaques and to have a nature reserve that I made to conserve wildlife”.

Can We Get Some Insight On What You’re Cooking Up For The Fans? Give Us Something To Look Forward To!

“We got a new music video with a new song that’s going to be premiering on multiple major platforms and some big features with big artists and a lot of hit singles that will blow the world away with a new line of yvng leaf merchandise. Also, stay tuned for an upcoming EP and a show near you!”.

If You Can Give Any Advice To Other Artists Looking To Get Their Name Out There, What Would You Tell Them?

“Keep being yourself and don’t listen to what haters tell you and you’re guaranteed to go somewhere”.

Where’re The Best Place People Can Follow Your Journey To the Top? (Social Media)

“My main social media account is Instagram, and people can follow me @yvng_leaf, and my Twitter is the same. I have a Facebook fan page fans can follow me at called “Yvng Leaf Gvng”. The platform where you can reach everything you need to know about Yvng Leaf is, where you can sign up for YvngLeafGvng to get updates and exclusive discounts before everyone else.”

Yvng Leaf: Philadelphias Biggest Up Coming Artist

Yvng Leaf Performing Live At Rotation Records 4/20 Concert At The Centre Theatre In Norristown PA

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