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12 Ways to Maximize Productivity




Staying productive at home or work can be very challenging. When the days end, chances are you are not content with what you have finished. It’s a great thing that productivity only needs the right blend of directed efforts and intelligent planning. By following the pointers below, you can boost your productivity and add hours to your day.


1. Create realistic and achievable goals with a deadline.

Having a goal with a deadline and strictly following it can help maximize your productivity. Most people know how to create goals but, what’s hindering achieving or completing it the absence of a deadline. List what you would like to succeed personally and professionally. Make sure that they are reachable and ambitious and set a timeframe for when to accomplish it. A deadline gives a sense of urgency and serves as a good motivator for pushing you in attaining something big, while also finishing smaller tasks along the way.


2. Don’t multitask.

A common practice among people is multitasking, thinking that it gets more job done. Juggling tasks, however, isn’t an effective way to work. Your brain can only manage two primary functions at a given time. With that, your capability to multitask can be limited. Try to devote yourself to one or two jobs at a time, so you get to do them more effectively and accomplish more tasks in the long run. 


3. Write things down and prioritize.

Often, you find yourself slacking off and wasting minutes of your day because you don’t know where to begin. To fix that, make it a habit to write a list of what you need to do for the day. Then, weigh which of jobs tasks are urgent and essential to sort things out. You can quickly eliminate the intimidating feeling of having too much to do. You’ll know which ones to accomplish first and start your productive day on track.


4. Complete important tasks early.

Getting up earlier may not be favorable for all. However, waking out of bed a few minutes early to finish any overwhelming task can make your day easier. Often, you find yourself doing the easy stuff first and leaving more challenging tasks at the end of the day. Viola! You’ve turned yourself into a procrastination machine. Focus and energy are more abundant in the earlier part of the day. If you get to do the most crucial tasks done first, you’ll have less inner resistance on more manageable functions at the end of the day. 


5. Remove distractions.

Whether it’s the TV, social media, or anything else, distractions are obstacles that dampen our productivity. It can be challenging to do your tasks effectively when you have them around. If ever you feel out of your focus, take a deep breath, compose yourself, and find a better place to work to steer away from distractions. Go back to your list and pay attention to accomplishing the essentials. 


6. Work outdoors.

Bring your notebook, tablet, or computer and go to a local park and try doing your tasks there. The pristine ambiance, fresh air, and the soothing sun rays can help spur and increase your productivity. For colder seasons, your brain will surely feel more revitalized with the cold and crisp air waking you up and helping you work more effectively.


7. Level up your knowledge.

Most productive individuals are not content with their current being — craving for more information. If possible, sacrifice an hour of TV to seek more knowledge. You can watch documentaries, read the newspaper or a novel, or listen to a podcast or an audiobook. All the new wisdom you can get can do wonders for your work and productivity.


8 Love what you are doing.

If you’re not happy with whatever tasks you’re doing, the quality of your work will resemble that. Seeking pleasure in your work is essential to ensure that you’re performing at your best. Once you love what you’re doing, all skills and expertise will flow naturally, keeping you more productive. Show pride in the job and find happiness with it. With, instead of just being an assignment, it could feel more that you are doing a personal endeavor.


9. Have a schedule for email and social media checking.

Regularly checking your Facebook account or email every 15 minutes can swallow a huge chunk of your time in a day. Try to have a schedule when to get your tablet or smartphone for these social media platforms. You can visit your feed early in the morning, during breaks or lunch. Always keep your focus on what things to be done instead of your notifications or inbox. Moreover, veering away from social media at least a day, or for a weekend, can recharge and replenish you for more productive outings.


10. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Instead of wasting a lot of minutes thinking about something you’re not confident about, look for someone who has the expertise and can help you with this. This action not only saves you time but also effort. Plus, you also get to avoid needing to redo it if ever it fails afterward. Remember, seeking help isn’t a sign that you’re weak. It implies that you confident with your colleagues and you have trust in them to guide you. With that, no more minutes put into waste, and you can use your time for more productive stuff.


11. Learn from both successes and mistakes.

Being productive is stained by many failures. Of course, you won’t get to do things quickly and accurately at the onset. You’ll make mistakes along the way. What is important is you learn to improve right away and help you be more productive in a significant way. Figure out what went wrong and avoid them forward. Likewise, with successes, determine what made you accomplish things productively and reapply them. Remember all those learning, and you’ll breeze into your task the next time around.


12.Take a break.

Maximizing productivity doesn’t mean you should go out there to work and work. Keep in mind that your energy is as vital as your productivity. Without it, you’ll surely stop, hurting your tasks in a big way. Most productive individuals are aware when they should step on the brakes and recharge. When you’re replenished, you’re bound to a more productive day. Make sure that your health is well taken care of. Other reasons why you may not be as productive as you want to be could be because you are having difficulty focusing. Check if you are having eyesight issues for example – check and see if you will needing prescription eyewear for instance (check out TTD EYE). 


It all starts with getting the right blend of planning and directed efforts to maximize your productivity. Consider these pointers, do your part, and unveil the best productivity within you. 

Barjunaid Cadir is a Content Writer in The Weekly Trends, Web Developer, SEO Content Manager, LinkedIn Specialist, Social Media Manager, and a University Researcher at Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey.