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4 Fastest Ways to Boost Employee Productivity



4 Fastest Ways to Boost Employee Productivity

Typically, employees spent about five hours a day at their desks, and organizations are paying for that time. But the fact of the matter is, employee’s work versus time spent at the desk doesn’t exactly match up. A model staff member that seems to be making most of his or her time can turn out to be the worst offenders. A research conducted by Deloitte revealed that organizations are beginning to realize this and are taking measures to allocate resources for performance management, allowing them to focus on employees’ performance and ensure their output aligns with business objectives. The report also divulged that 75 percent of respondents rated it an important or very important issue, which was up from 68 percent in the past year. Bearing this in mind, how could you motivate your employees to be more productive? Asking nicely rarely works. Ruling with an iron fist doesn’t really improve performance, either. In fact, this tactic almost always backfires. So here we have outlined 4 ways to aid you to foster a workplace environment that will be helpful in bringing out the best in your employees.


  1. Build Trust in Your Company

In order to build trust in your organization, you need to find the right way to pass responsibility in every workgroup. Distribute duties equally among expert workers and have different personnel take ownership of different initiatives. Allow employees to stretch their minds in ad hoc projects that are outside their domain. They should be encouraged to apply new knowledge to unexpected borders. It will enable them to see the company from a fresh angle and build their trust in the organization’s commitment to seeing them thrive in a broader scope. This level of trust will only motivate and encourage employees to bring more to the table and apply their passion in ways that will push your company in the right direction. More importantly, people will be eager to work. Persuade them to bring their personalities into different projects, even if their style greatly differs from yours. This move is more about connecting than regulating, and companies transform by unlocking employees’ potential. One fine example is of Bank Hapoalim that motivates its personnel to initiate progressive solutions for exceeded credit lines and resolving debt collection issues by:

  • Considering the customer’s situation and perspective
  • Identifying each client’s needs
  • Tailoring a solution to client needs

The end result was a win-win situation for all. Staff is more motivated, they get to retain more clients in the long run, while the bank gets to see a 50 percent reduction in accounts directed to its collection division.


  1. Don’t be Afraid to Install a Monitoring Software

If your employees have company phones or computers, do not hesitate to install high-performance tracking software to ensure they are using the devices for work purposes only. With the best android cell phone monitoring software, you can monitor the phone usage as well as the location of your field employees who are on the clock. This software can prove real handy for employers who have numerous off-site projects. The best android cell phone monitoring software will allow you to ensure that an employee is there where he or she is supposed to be. On top of it, the business owners will get to see a significant increase in employee productivity.


  1. Emphasis on Career Growth

Today, no one wants to work in the same role forever. Employees want to reach and stay at the top. Use this drive to get continual employee productivity from your key players. Emphasize career growth by clearly telling them that employees’ productivity will play a major role in their advancement in the corporation. Provide necessary education or development training to help them grow in their current positions and make them look good for future positions. Groom your staff members to be more than their current position. It will inspire them to do a good job for your firm because they have an idea that it will pay off in the future. Even statistics show that emphasis on performance strengths bore fruit. A study has found that emphasis on performance strengths improved individual performance by 36.4 percent. Whereas emphasis on weak performance deteriorated the individual performance by 26.8 percent.


  1. Allow Staffs to Innovate, Own and Share

A company culture that helps employees develop risk-taking ability can increase individual employee performance by 38.9 percent, says a study. Being a business leader you should set experimentation processes in place. For instance, urge your workers to meet and brainstorm together and encourage cross-pollination between different departments such as finance, sales, client services, etc. This will require business managers to come up with solid action plans to arrive at their proposed solutions. As a leader, you need to embrace these plans and make them a part of your company’s overall strategy, so a large sphere of influence can be created.