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5 Excellent Ways to Improve Team Communication



5 Excellent Ways to Improve Team Communication

If you’ve been a part of a company for any amount of time, it doesn’t even matter how far up the hierarchy you are, you know just how much efficient and effective internal communication can define a business. So much so that it can help you build a thriving workplace and a soaring employee collective driven by a common passion. On the other hand, ineffective communication in the workplace will, well, let’s just say that nothing good can come of it.

Aside from creating a set of rules and communication policies for your employees to follow, there are actually several highly-effective methods you can try in order to inspire them to communicate with each other in a way that pushes your brand forward toward its goals. Here’s what they are, and how you can implement them seamlessly into the workplace.


Build a thriving company culture first

In order to build an effective communication structure in your company, you first need to lay the foundation. This foundation will be the unique brand culture that permeates the workplace, and thus inspires and motivates your employees to communicate efficiently and effectively. They not only need to understand why it’s important, but they also need to understand how it benefits them in the long run.

To achieve all of this, you will need to lay the foundation on a few supporting pillars. These include transparency, honesty, equality, accountability, as well as mutual respect, and appreciation. Remember, your team members need to feel appreciated for the work they do and the time they put into building your brand. Most importantly, they need to feel like they are in a safe and supportive space where their ideas can be heard, where their talents can come to life.


Clarify roles and delegate effectively

Now that you have the foundation in place, you can showcase your managerial skills. It will be up to you to provide your employees with the road signs and guidance necessary to communicate with their team members and the higher-ups in an efficient and effective way. To do this, you will need to clarify every role, answer every question in a timely manner, and delegate tasks properly.

Don’t expect your employees to inherently know everything that their job entails – because something will invariably slip through the cracks, and it will be nobody’s fault but your own. Instead, brief every team member on their duties and responsibilities, as well as their unique communication structure. In other words, make sure they know exactly who they need to communicate with in order to avoid bottlenecks, delays, and clutter. After all, you don’t want every single email to arrive in your inbox just so that you can forward them to the right person in your communication structure.


Equip your employees with the essential tech

Technology is an inseparable part of modern business, and using it on a daily basis is the only way to maintain stellar communication in the workplace and beyond. As a leader, it is your duty to equip your workforce with the necessary technology that will allow them to communicate in and out of the office. The most effective way to do this is to provide them with company phones.

This can be an expensive undertaking if you decide to buy all-new tech for your team, which is why vendors selling Apple refurbished phones have become so popular in recent years with companies. You can opt to buy pre-owned smartphones for your employees that have been restored to their previous condition in order to minimize your investment while ensuring the results. Make sure they get their own laptops as well if their job description demands one.


Conduct training and workshops

Now that your employees have the tools they need to communicate seamlessly, they need to obtain knowledge on how to maximize communication efficiency. Again, it’s up to you to make it happen. The best way to do this is to simply organize quick workshops and individual training sessions.

You can gather all of your team members for a quick presentation of proper communication methods in the workplace, and then sit down with the individuals who might need more guidance and training, especially if you’re using software with a bit of a learning curve. Your younger employees might not have a difficult time digesting all of this, but your senior members might need a bit more encouragement and training.


Be the leader your team needs

And finally, be sure to be present at all times. As a leader, you have to carry a lot of weight on your shoulders, and one of your responsibilities is to make sure that the methods and tools you have implemented are delivering the results you expect. Be sure to monitor employee performance and communication at all times to identify potential hurdles and bottlenecks, and thus maintain the flow of information across your brand’s infrastructure.


Final thoughts

Communication can, quite literally, make or break a business. Don’t allow disorganization to take over your workplace, rather implement these solutions in order to build a thriving work environment and propel your company forward as a whole.

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