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5 Excellent Ways to Reward Team Building Efforts



5 Excellent Ways to Reward Team Building Efforts

As we know, it is a team, which works in the core to make a company successful. Therefore, they do deserve the best treatment from time-to-time without any doubt. However, the point comes is what to gift them in order to make them highly surprised and happy about being rewarding. 


  • Handcrafted Gifts Along With Rewarding Card 


Gone are the days when the market used to be full of artificial gifts or cards only. Now, creativity is at its peak. You can go ahead to buy handmade gifts and cards. The market is full of them. The best thing is that you need to choose the right one going with your taste. Stop getting confused and say yes to the best one you find would be ideal for your team. 

What makes hand-made gifts different from others is that they are full of love and respect. They do not sound artificial but connects with the recipient so well. You do not need to get confused in case you do not find something of your taste. You may ask them to create a new one as per your taste indeed. Stop getting confused and say yes to the ideal one option, you have always been awarded to your team. You can also ask them to put some sort of heart-touching quotes. 


  • Free Food To Give Them A Sweet and Lovely Gesture 


What could be more special than going with delicious and amazing free food? If you have always been wanting to surprise your team members, then you may go with this ideal option indeed. You do not need to get confused since they will surely love this idea of yours. 

Here, it needs to mention that free food can truly bring a sweet smile on their faces. It is indeed a kind of amazing way to recognize team collaboration, which can motivate them to keep doing good at work being a team. 

This kind of small but lovely gesture makes the team more connected with the company. They all start working putting more effort into considering their company as first love. Apart from it, this kind of initiative plays a major role to keep the team stay connected and working in the best way to achieve the desired results. 


  • Gift Card So That Employee Can Treat Themselves in The Way They Want 


Do you know that gift cards are being liked a lot since they do give freedom to recipients to buy what stuff they do like? Apart from it, this is regarded as a gentle and intelligent decision to make. Gift Card gives access to buy the stuff a receiver has always been wanted. Why should you go with a Gift Card? Check out the below-mentioned results – 

  • First, it makes the receiver feel special and amazing. It is indeed a new way of gifting and quite amazing too. 
  • It does not let create embarrassing situations. The recipient does not like sometimes what you gift. It means you do not only lose your value but it also considered as a wastage of money. 
  • Gift cards are available in physical and virtual form both. You may go with either of them as per your requirements. If your team is working from another city and you cannot afford to give a Gift card in physical form then the virtual gift card is an ideal option to go ahead.


  • Trophies


Trophies have always been an ideal way to appreciate team members or employees. The fact cannot be ignored that appreciation is what encourages us to keep going on. It does not matter in what field you are, how old you are, or what profession you have, Trophies have always been an ideal way to convey a message of appreciation and “ A Thank you Note For Giving Your Best” to your employees or team members. 

To buy a quality-based trophy, you need to find out the best Trophy distributor since they are many available online. A trustworthy distributor can bring the best options in front of you. 

Have you ever contemplated why giving trophies considered ideal do? Here, prominent reasons have been mentioned. Let us check it out –


  • It makes the team member does feel quite a special right from within. They do feel important upon receiving the custom awards
  • Trophies remain with them quite long and they do keep remembering it as a sign of their hard work. It keeps motivating them to do great at the forefront. 
  • People do feel good putting their photographs with the trophy. It makes them respected among other people. Moreover, the hard-working person gets more appreciation among their family and friends too. 


Do you know that some people have always been wanting trophies but they could not because of some reason? They feel blessed when they do get a trophy for the hard work they put in what they do like. We all know how we all love trophies indeed. 

You may go-ahead to organize a special award ceremony to make the trophy giving ceremony go important and special at the forefront. They will surely appreciate it. Moreover, the other team members will also feel motivated to do something like this. It means giving a trophy will help you to target two aims at the same moment. You may also ask your staff to give a short and wonderful speech about their experience or what sort of issues they face in the entire project, how did they get over it, or how they are going to do in the future and so on. 


  • Extra Time Of/Work From Home 


It does not matter how one is creative, punctual or dedicated towards the job, we all need a break for a while to get full of energy. Constantly working hard and being on deadline do make us get tired. 

When you surprise your employees or team member giving them extra time or the facility of working from home, it actually brings happiness to them.  Experts also say that this kind of thing brings more happiness to them. This sort of reward makes them keep doing well at work. 

The idea of sending people a bit early is indeed counted quite well. They can spend quality time with their family and friends which makes them emotionally strong which is also good for work too.