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5 Things I Learned from Interviewing 7 Figure CEOs



5 Things I Learned from Interviewing 7 Figure CEOs

I decided to start a podcast about a month ago. Why? Not because I was looking for a way to gain popularity overnight, but because I could use it as a vehicle to connect with some of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet. And because I have been able to do so in the past month, I thought I’d share some of their common ideas with you all. 


1: Play the long game

None of the entrepreneurs I spoke to said their success came overnight. Was there a breakthrough in their business or brand that happened quickly? Maybe; but that was after working day and night on the business for months if not years. Expecting success early will set you up for failure. That’s why entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. The process of building a business will be a long one, you’ll just have to be patient. Let’s take Enzo Fiore (@enzoenterprizes) for example. After moving to Beverly Hills at 15 with aspirations for success in the real estate industry, it took him years of learning and error before getting his first listing. 

Many of these entrepreneurs took 3 or 4 tries before finding success with their business. Become an expert in what you’re selling, and let experience be your teacher. Sooner or later, the success you’ve been looking for will come after years of hard work and discipline. 


2: Consistency is key

Each person I interviewed agreed on this point. Consistency is what separates successful entrepreneurs from the rest. What you’re doing is mostly irrelevant, but making sure to stay consistent for long periods of time is what’ll drive results. Creating good habits is crucial to keep yourself ahead of the competition. 

William Smith (@williamsmithh), a Robinhood stock trader, spoke about how he forced himself to read every day. After reading countless investing education books, Will felt ready to put what he learned to use. And it paid off. Simply setting this habit allowed Will to become an expert in his field and massively profit from the stock market. 


3: Save your energy for the most important tasks

In order to bet at the top of your game as a business owner, you must be able to focus on what’s most important. Spending your time writing hate comments or debating with your brother about which season of stranger things was the best will take you away from what needs to be done as a business owner. 

John Danes (@johndanes) told me about his wardrobe. He bought multiple pairs of the same clothing. That was it, he would wear the same thing every day. Why? Because he didn’t want to waste his energy deciding what to wear in the morning. He knew that all of his attention should be focused on the most important tasks for the day, so he tried blocking out all distractions. It may seem crazy, but this mindset is one commonly shared by top tier entrepreneurs. 


4: Your network is your net worth-

Having a good network of like-minded individuals is crucial for every entrepreneur. It’s pretty self-explanatory as many people learn from others better than anything else. Sharing ideas, horror stories, tips, and more with fellow business owners will set you up for success, and them too. Go to conferences, networking events, and grow your circle. 

Let’s use an example to pin the point home. Let’s say I’m a digital marketer. I’m an expert in that field. However, a business requires much more than just marketing. Having a network of expert salespeople, web designers, and others will help you with their respective aspects of the business. And what if PayPal suddenly holds 50% of your balance?!?! I bet you some people in your network have experienced something similar and will know how to help better than any customer service representative. 

You know, they say you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. So why not make those people ones who will help you reach your goals?


5: Start now: 

If you don’t feel ready to launch your business, personal brand, etc, then it’s a perfect time. You’ll learn more from taking action than from studying books and courses. As I mentioned earlier, the experience will prepare you in your journey more than anything. Not feeling ready is perfect, because odds are you never will. 

So a common theme I found from interviewing thee success stories is either regret that they didn’t start earlier or relief that they did. Whether you’ve been thinking of starting that soap business, or that baseball card podcast, start. You’ll thank yourself. 


Jackson is a 17 year old entrepreneur from New York. Currently focusing on his podcast, personal brand, and digital marketing agency, he is committed to help young entrepreneurs everywhere!