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5 Warning Signs of a Toxic Workplace That You Should Watch Out For



Toxic Workplace

You enter your workplace and walk towards your cabin. Open the door of your room and get your work desk in order. A few minutes later, one of the toxic co-workers pays you a visit and starts spitting venom. He goes on and on and leaves a bad taste in your mouth. We all have been in such a situation multiple times in our workday.

Although, this might leave a bad taste in your mouth and give rise to conflicts in the workplace you should handle such a situation carefully. To identify a toxic workplace you need to look out for some warning signs that will help you send the alarm bells ringing.

Here are five warning signs of toxic workplace you must keep an eye on.

1. Low Morale of Employees

The simplest way to judge whether your workplace is toxic or not is to check the morale of its employees. If there are more slumping shoulders then there are confident shoulders, then there is something wrong. Now, you need to identify the reason why the morale of employees is at the lowest. It could be anything from lack of motivation to an annoying boss. To improve your workplace culture, you will have to eliminate the root cause, which is demotivating your employees.

2. Gossips Are Viral

With you are surrounded by toxic co-workers, gossips are bound to happen. Small groups of three or more people gossiping are a common sight at the workplace and singling out other employees. How many times you have heard a secret from another person that you just told your friend at work? How many times you have heard false news about yourself from other co-workers?

A workplace where gossips are rampant never manages to create a conclusive working environment for employees. Encourage your employees to speak up publicly by offering them freedom of speech to fix this gossip issue and ensure transparency in communication by using task management software.

3. High Absence Rate

Another alarming sign that can give you a clear indication of the toxicity of your workplace is employee health issues and higher employee absence rates. Would you like to work in a toxic workplace? Well, no one likes to do that. What if you have no choice and you are already in this predicament. You start to lose your passion and motivation. The higher workload can impact the work-life balance of your employees and leads to the deterioration of your health. This leads to a higher absence rate.

The best way to fix this problem and enhance the workplace environment is to offer flexible timings and let employees work from their homes. A break of a few days is always welcome as it refreshes the mind and body of your employees and charges their batteries. When they come after vacation, you can see a positive change in their productivity and motivation.

4. Lack of Human Interaction

We all know how effective digital tools and technologies are for boosting your team productivity and teamwork. As they say, “Excess of everything is bad.” and the same rule applies to technology too. Going overboard with technology results in a lack of human interaction. Despite the advancement in technology, you can not replace human interaction. It is still critical for establishing a strong bond between team members. Collaborate on projects and encourage your team members to work together with one another. Make life easy for newcomers by helping them settle in an alien workplace culture.

5. Dictatorship, Not Leadership

Is your workplace controlled with an iron fist? Does your CEO make a decision without consulting with others? Is your CEO more of a dictator than a leader? If the answer to both these questions is yes, then your company will end up in a mess. Politely tell your higher management to change their leadership style and avoid being too rigid as it is having a negative impact on employees. Although, it might be easier said than done the effort you put it to ensure it is well worth it as it would turn your company culture from negative to positive.

Which of these five warning signs does your workplace have? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

Irfan Ak is a digital marketing expert and a blogger by profession. He is a passionate digital strategist. Currently associated with leading design agency - Branex. He has worked with various other brand & created value for them.