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7 Ways to Boost Motivation in the Workplace



7 Ways to Boost Motivation in the Workplace

Do you feel like the productivity of your workplace is not as high as it could be? That may be because your workers are just not motivated enough. However, you will be glad to know that there are plenty of ways to boost your employees’ motivation and here are just some of them. Take a look.

Allow them autonomy

You might not even realize it, but you might be micromanaging every move your employees make. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it can sometimes be demoralizing to your staff. Yes, it will give you control over your operations, but it will also put your workers under more pressure which might lead to more mistakes. It also makes them feel like you do not trust them. That is why giving them some autonomy can be a great thing for the entire company. They will feel better and more motivated when they know they are responsible for certain tasks, and you will have a more productive workforce.

Acknowledge their work


In addition to letting them know you trust them by giving them more autonomy, you should also acknowledge their work by giving them praise and recognition. Depending on the worker, you can go for a simple thank-you note or a private conversation, or you can give them a shout-out at a meeting. You can also implement the employee-of-the-month program. In any case, you should look at specific metrics like the volume and quality of their work when offering praise.

Do team-building exercises

When people understand that others depend on them, they will do their best not to let anyone down. The best way to show your employees that they are an important part of the whole operation is to do some team-building activities. You can find plenty of things to do around Sydney, from escape rooms to cooking classes. These exercises will let your team members bond and working with people they like is bound to increase their motivation.

Create a sense of community

Once everyone feels like a part of the team, there will be a sense of community among your workers. This is great as then you can all spend more time together whether it’s during lunch or at some after-hours get-together. You can even throw company parties after a big project is successfully finished. Get a catering company to provide you with some tasty snacks and maybe an expert in mixology to create some interesting cocktails. Furthermore, opting for a studio hire in Sydney can help you remember these nights forever as you can put up the HD photos from the booth all around your office.

Offer them flexibility

If you notice that your employees are stressed out because they do not have enough time to do everything, you can consider offering flexibility when it comes to their work schedule. For example, you can let them work from home on some days, just let them know that they still have to finish all their tasks. That way, it will be easier for them to maintain a healthy balance between their professional and private life. They can also avoid commutes which are always a stressful experience. In case you need them in the office, you can also try to create a schedule that works for everyone.

Invest in their education

Showing your employees that you are interested in their wellbeing and development can always serve as a great motivational booster. They might feel stuck in a rut constantly doing the same task, which is why you can try to change things up a bit. Invest in their education by sending them to seminars and various classes where they can acquire new skills which will potentially help them take on a new role in the company. A chance to advance in their career is sure to increase their productivity.

Give out incentives

Incentives do not have to be anything expensive – just a little something to show the employees that you appreciate them and their hard work. For example, you can offer them gift cards, spa treatments, a paid day off or something similar. If you have the means, cash rewards are also a good way to go.


There are plenty of other ways how you can motivate your workforce but these seven should work just fine. Show your employees that you care about them and that they are important to your business and that is bound to motivate them.