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Ali AlSaqoby , World Class Football Skills Athlete – Brief Overview  into his Remarkable Allaround Career and World Cup 2022 Participation



Ali AlSaqoby , World Class Football Skills Athlete - Brief Overview  into his Remarkable Allaround Career and World Cup 2022 Participation

His athletic abilities and talent has led him to establish himself well as a world renowned athlete and much more.  The story of this young man can not be missed and is the reason of him being not only highly sought after by worldwide media but also sought after for brand endorsements, and event performances worldwide. Ali AlSaqoby , the rising star of Kuwait whose next stop will be in Qatar world cup 2022 according to his social media, is expected to pull an unmatched football skills performance that is well orchestrated leading to turning  a lot of eyeballs and getting jaws dropped as he has done time and again. 


His recent achievement of reaching top 8 in football freestyle skills world championships 2022 forms a minute part of his countless achievements within the emerging sport of football freestyle , and also a small part of the young man’s exceptional allaround career!

Let’s face it ,  how many people have we heard about that  have conquered many different fields and excelled in them all ? The answer ofcourse is not many. Infact , it is an extreme rarity! Making our discovery of this hidden gem from Kuwait a spotlight coverage. The top athlete is a live demonstration of  when extreme talent and hard work meet.


As beyond doing exceptionally well in football freestyle skills , he is also renowned for his sub career as a top dentist that graduated from the UK, and also an entrepreneur running many rising media agencies such as fame and prestige upon many successful startups such as Football skills academy.


Was his excellence a coincidence or was it planned ?


The answer is simple no, it was all planned and calculated as in his many previous  interviews we dug up, he mentions that when he was younger his elders used to ask him what do you want to be when you are older. The young Ali used to answer them with confidence about him being Footballer and a doctor. He believes that nothing is impossible with good will, clear plan and a strong mindset. He wants to prove to the world and his worldwide large audience that self-belief and confidence is key to success, and success is a gradual process that is bumpy and non-linear. The result ? many lives have been changed as the inspiring young man takes lead by example inspiring the youth that looks up to him.


Qatar 2022 world cup performance


Ali AlSaqoby is to perform after being generously invited by many brands and businesses that showed support for the Arab talent and their confidence in what the young man of Kuwait possess, making the crowd entertained with his flawless football skills shows, and his unique presence that will make football fans rush to not only to record his performances but also take pictures and autographs.