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Ava Babbin Kaufman Launches Various Fundraising Efforts to Bolster Programs for Transplant Support



Many people go through a variety of unsung battles at least once in their lives. Some people face many obstacles in trying to carve success-enabling paths, while others go through several phases in their lives in order to thrive and survive in this dog-eat-dog world. However, one of the most painstaking conflicts that some people have to face is a clash between life and death—a battle involving life-threatening pains, diseases, and conditions that can potentially end a person’s existence in just a snap. In cognizance of the unparalleled struggles that come with this unfortunate circumstance, Ava Babbin Kaufman steps up to provide a life-saving opportunity for organ transplant patients across the world.

An organ transplant can save a life. However, the process that comes with such a meticulous journey is more challenging than what people perceive it to be. Ava Babbin Kaufman, an esteemed changemaker and philanthropist, is here to help these people through her platform, Ava’s Heart.

Ava Babbin Kaufman is a visionary and changemaker by passion and profession. Although such a philanthropic trade demands a unique set of skills that allows them to create a better world and make a difference, Ava is determined to transform her clear-cut visions into full-throttled actions through her unmatched passion and dedication to helping others. Without a doubt, this power player is more than what meets the eye.

Ava was a professional dancer who received an emergency heart transplant in ten days on her birthday. Over the years, she has spent most of her life in service to others. While many individuals strive for success through a wide variety of money-making pursuits, this emerging powerhouse seeks to achieve excellence by establishing avenues that assist others, drive change, and impact lives.

Having gone through countless misfortunes in her life, from being diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease and experiencing a two-month coma to having been deprived of her home, marriage, and business, Ava knew what it was like to lose and regain hope. For this reason, she volunteered at a transplant center, where she witnessed many healthcare inequities firsthand. Armed with a passion for transforming this unfortunate circumstance, Ava decided to build Ava’s Heart, a nonprofit organization designed to save lives.

Ava’s Heart is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization that supports organ transplant patients every step of the way. This multifaceted entity is dedicated to making life easier for every patient across the world.

Ava’s Heart provides no-cost post-transplant housing in Southern California, where people come from all over the US and the world to get transplanted. One cannot get listed without mandatory three months post-transplant housing, making the inequities in transplant a huge issue.

Aside from the support that this philanthropic entity provides, Ava Babbin Kaufman stretches the horizons of Ava’s Heart by starting a Transplant Teen Scholarship Program that financially helps teens go through college. More impressively, she has also created a program for donor families, where the organization pays for the donors’ unexpected burial or cremation services. 

Ava Babbin Kaufman has helped over 300 families through her passion-driven and philanthropic pursuits. In the coming months, she is expected to spearhead a number of platforms that are designed to provide people with a second chance in life. This year, Ava is launching more fundraising efforts to bolster her transplant support programs, such as her It’s Just One Campaign.

To know more about Ava Babbin Kaufman and Ava’s Heart, you may visit their website.


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