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Blu Fronteraz Speaks Her Truth As She Continues to Live Her Late Husband’s Legacy of Family, Respect, and Loyalty



The modern rap industry has seen many talented male performers excel at their craft. There are also exceptional women who have been dominating the charts recently, with the catchiest of songs and the slickest of beats. Blu Fronteraz is among the women who are cornering the rap industry, dubbed as “The Narco Rap Princess,” she is setting the bar within the music industry and captivating its stark spectators.

Originally going by the MC name of Narcotic Blue, The Narco Rap Princess, or La Princesa del Narco Rap Reynosa in her native tongue, eventually transformed into Blu Fronteraz. Hailing from the most dangerous city in Mexico, Blu Fronteraz has gained a fierce reputation as a native of Reynosa city. 

In 2008, she signed to Dope House Records when SPM or South Park Mexican was incarcerated. Her feuds within the Dope House were just the beginning of her rage, and she vowed to set things right with her music. Everyone in the circle always underestimated her talent, including one Carolyn Rodriguez, who viewed her as a rival.

As a native of Reynosa, Mexico, Blu Fronteraz had suffered a lot of feuds against the government and the cartel officials. She eventually began her solo music career and left Dope House Records entirely. This was when she met Mauro Emmanuel Vasquez or more famously known as Blunt De Cali.

Their collaboration allowed both of their names to blow up together, garnering them many fans and audiences worldwide. Blu Fronteraz heavily sees the narco rap gods Cano and Blunt as a massive influence in her music career. In 2009, the duo appeared in Vice, CNN and other news sources in Mexico and local media, attracting Blu’s attention.

However, tragedy struck when Blunt died of a brutal murder on the night of October 2020. As an artist, he was a major influence on Blu Fronteraz, he was a passionate artist, and much of his passion spilled over into his fans and other artists alike. He was never a stranger in the world of music, and now his wife Blu Fronteraz is donning his mantle and taking over narco rap much as he did before his passing. 

Narco rap is huge in Mexico, and Blu Fronteraz aims to finish what she and Mauro Vasquez set out to do. She plans on pushing the boundaries of the music industry, becoming a driving force that continues her husband’s legacy. In the near future, Blu Fronteraz hopes to see Blunt’s legacy live on in the lives and in the music of future artists.

She hopes that Blunt’s music & Rojo Rec, will continue to grow as their label is consistently cultivating the passion of Reynosa’s natives towards music. Blu Fronteraz hopes to continue living a life of family, respect, and loyalty as she continues the legacy that she and her late husband had built over a shared passion for music and how it could positively impact the world around us.

To know more about the real story of Blu Fronteraz and Rojo Rec, make sure to check out this YouTube video.

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