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Business Interview: With Entrepreneur Debra Schneider



Debra Schneider

What’s your story?

Hello, my name is Debra (Debbie) Schneider and I am in love with my industry and being able to help others. 

I had spent over 25 years in the corporate world before I realized it wasn’t helping me fulfill my purpose. Earlier in this career, the future seemed so bright. However, I found myself working over 60 hours a week for several years. Like most people, before they retire, I dreamed of being able to live life to the fullest and to be filled with abundance.

As time went on, I realized the road I was on would not get me there. The turning point in my life happened all within a five-year period, where five very close loved ones passed away. Unfortunately, all of them passed away with regrets. At this point I knew, I had a choice to make. ‘Should I be constantly grieving?’ or ‘Should I go out there and rock the rest of my life?’. I don’t believe in regrets, and I am a firm believer that we should live life with excitement, welcoming each new day.

Even though I didn’t see it as a risk, I was willing to take a chance after being so burnt out from the corporate world. I was ready to live a life full on! This was when I decided to study Network Marketing and saw what it could do for people. There is a huge opportunity for people to not only have financial freedom but time freedom as well. I had found my purpose in helping people while being able to generate a residual income. 

What’s your why?

My original “why” was always to retire my husband, to have financial and time freedom, and to make $10,000 passively while traveling the world. What I realized, however, my purpose is to help people. I no longer want to stop working and retire, but to help other people reach success as well. I fell in love with helping ordinary people become and feel extraordinary. 

When did you get into entrepreneurship?

At the end of my corporate career, I had done my homework on the industry and knew the direction I wanted to head. Not being in my 20’s anymore, I also knew I needed to find something stable. I put it out into the universe and started to attract the perfect avenue. Sure enough, I was blessed to receive a phone call which got me into the Network Marketing industry, with the perfect company for me, back in 2010.

How do you define success?

Success to me is being able to live life to the fullest with an abundance of time and wealth. 

What do you credit your success to?

We all start off in the same position. I didn’t start off being successful in Network Marketing or undergo any special training. I credit my success to my desire to win no matter what; true GRIT! I was willing to be coach-able in order to learn and grow. I learned how to push through my fears and learn from my failures. It wasn’t a fast journey, but through it, I was able to learn what it took to become successful. 

What have you accomplished?

I have personally made multiple 7-figures in this industry and have helped create many 7-figure earners as well. 

What differentiates you from everyone else in your field?

I don’t want people to be me or do exactly what I do. What makes me different is that I truly want to bring out the best of each person and let the world see their own personal greatness. It isn’t about me, it’s about helping others. 

What would you say to someone who came to you for advice about taking the ‘leap of faith’ into entrepreneurship?

“Why not you?”. I had to learn what would work for me. Of course, it is important to find inspirational and knowledgeable mentors, however, there is not one single road to success. I found that focusing on others first and developing leaders who loved entrepreneurship, as well as helping others, helped me flourish tremendously.

Where has your entrepreneurial journey led you to today?

My husband and I travel to Australia, Asia, Mexico, USA, Canada, and many other areas to share our vision. We inspire people to strive for a better world through personal growth and hard work. We help people dream big, be bold, and step outside their comfort zones in order to find their purpose and success.

If someone was interested in working with/learning from you, how would they get a hold of you?

I am on social media, of course. Facebook: Debbie Ken Schneider or Instagram: @debbie.i.schneider


Ryan is a 7-figure digital entrepreneur, influencer, investor, press contributor, and speaker. Ryan founded the globally recognized social media marketing company Social Revelation which helps entrepreneurs build massive credibility and influence online. Ryan's company manages the social media strategy for several seven to eight figure earners who are top performers within their industry. He has curated a personal online network around 6,000,000 people from all around the world. Ryan has also been featured on various entrepreneurial and business podcasts such as Entrepreneurs on Fire, Underdog Empowerment, The Daily Grind, The No Excuse Show, The Millionaires’ Hot Seat, and on the live television shows "Good Morning LALA Land" in West Hollywood and the "Mountain Morning Show" in Park City, Utah.